On Serpents, Trees, Fig Leaves and the Voice of God

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1It is very odd how our minds change as we go through life, and we hardly notice the change.  My mind at eight years old was not at all like my mind at fourteen, and my mind at twenty-one was not like mind at forty-five.  Now that I am a Septuagenarian my dreams have more and more drifted to the mystical side of things, and difficult passages of scripture begin taking on a different meaning than they did when I was middle aged.

I imagine that is the way it is supposed to be. All through scriptures, old sages and seers had a vastly different view of the world than the youngsters had.  Perhaps it is a focus thing. We obey God when we are of child creating age by having children. When we are older, that begins to take on a lesser role in driving our lives, and scripture tends to support that view.

There is an old saw in rabbinic circles that goes: In the beginning, God created heaven and Earth. If you can understand that, the rest of scripture is easy. 

The last few years I have spent meditating on the creation story, and I began seeing things in a different light. I would ponder something concerning them, and then I would take a nap, only to wake to a teaching voice explaining concepts that go beyond the simple meaning. The Pashat[1], as it is called by scholars. The Sod[2] leads you down a path where a tree is not a tree, a fruit is not a fruit, and a fig leaf is not a fig leaf.  OK … sorry. As I said: going beyond the simple meaning.

As I sat down to write this, it occurred to me that to take you to that wonderful place simply cannot be done with words. It is a revealed thing and if you are not ready to begin that search, all the fine words in the world cannot convey that which is hidden to you, because it is … well … hidden.

Not that it matters. God entertains us with his mysteries but lays out the relationship with us in amazingly simple terms and concepts.  But I so much want to share these little bat kols[3] and dreams with you even if they are only amusing to an old man. It really pains me that I cannot.

Many years ago, when I started this walk with Messiah, a wise sage with a permanently broken nose and who slept in the used trucks he sold told me that when I thought I had a divine revelation, if that vision did not get me to work Monday morning it was just my imagination and not God.  OK … another one of those stories that if you were not there, you would not understand.

But it sure is nice when God opens his mind to you and you begin to really see the depth of feeling for his fallen creation. This was not the world he intended.  This was not the life he intended for you.  And you discover that the gift of ‘free will’ was not a gift at all, but a tragedy and the results of rebellion.

I may never know what a tree in the garden really was.  At least not until I have a body that can stand in the presence of God.  But I keep pondering.

[1] Pashat.  Transliterated Hebrew word meaning simple. The simplest, most direct meaning of a word or passage.

[2] Sod. Transliterated Hebrew word meaning hidden. The mystical meaning of a word or passage

[3] Bat Kol. Transliterated Hebrew word meaning “daughter of the voice”. A voice from heaven

Derailed Doomsayer

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File:Durer Revelation Four Riders.png

… As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.  Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him …
— Ancient Hebrew Proverb

… Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools …
— Ancient Christian quote

Most of the time I am reasonably stable, then the runaway world trains derails and starts careening down the streets wreaking havoc wherever it goes. It derails me too. I turn into a raving prophet of doom.  So here is todays doomsaying: 

When you hear people in strife torn cities crying “DEFUND THE POLICE!”, you know anarchy reins.

When you see the seething rage of a political class that cannot accept a free and fair election, you know that rational governance is gone.

When you see ‘science’ politicized as it has been in environmental studies, you know wisdom has vanished

And when a pandemic turns out to not be a pandemic and people still don’t believe it, you realize people are stupid to the roots.

 The USA was a grand experiment to see if people could govern themselves.
All the indications that I see prove they can’t wield that measure of awesome power. They will ask for and will certainly be provided a strong man who can do things for their own good. They aren’t going to like the results of that decision, however, but given that they squandered their heritage it is difficult for me to care.

This latest round of insanity by the political class, the press, and a few aggrieved minorities has me cynical.  People en masse are stupid. There is no other way to see it. Give them to a strong man who will suck what little they own and use it for himself. Their daughters, their sons, their land. It is what they demand.

To the wise, I caution you to encircle your family. Become invisible among the roaring masses. This is not a time to be casting pearls. We will not return to sanity, and should the Lord tarry, misery will reign. This is not a time of rejoicing.

Drop caps are here!

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Hallelulaja! Drop caps are here! I think.
WordPress has a new editor … now if it would only render Word documents properly

A Day to Remember

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A day to remember Mom.  Seems a bit odd that we would need a day to remember.  If God tarries and another hundred years go by, will she still be remembered? Probably not, for such is the bitterness of fallen mankind. 

But there is a hope of a future where no one is forgotten, and life is not pointless. As Paul wrote, If we have misplaced our hope, then we are the most to be pitied.

So goes my thoughts on this day we set aside to remember mother.  Yeah.  I remember mother. And she remembered her mother.  And her mother remembered her mother.

And so the sun rises, and the sun sets. Another day tics by as old Chronos marches by backwards. And time is forgotten in time.

But in eternity, nothing is forgotten.

Spraying Cooties ….

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Back in the dark ages of history we had a virus scare called the SAR’s virus.  People were saying that a normal dust mask was not good enough, and I needed an N-95 mask.  And HomeDepot had ‘em, so I needed a high-quality mask anyway for cedar flu season.

So today this comes out. Not only do you need an N-95 mask, you need a MEDICAL N-95 mask that works in both directions.

My masks have a little valve that opens when you exhale, making the mask less insufferable than the unvented types.  When you are working with poisonous chemicals, you don’t worry about your effect on them, but rather their effect on you.

But I went out amongst them today with my less that perfect mask.  It seems that I would have been better off with some paisley horror made from an old Nehru shirt.

Sorry for spraying my cooties around.
Oh well.

Snark and Coffee

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Well it is Wednesday morning at last. I have felt it was Wednesday all week. Now I can be in sync with the universe. I just hate it when I lose a day, but gaining days is a new thing. It must be a sign of oncoming senility.

The Hilarious (And Dead On) Celebrity Caricatures Of Cartoonist ...Not much on the news today. Michael the Moron (Moore)[1] is telling us about mother earth sending us a warning, and his followers dutifully nod their atheist heads in agreement. You gotta follow the science, and what can be more scientific that anthropomorphizing the planet as a “mother” who occasionally gets in a snit over the way we handle a pandemic.

I know some of my readers think Moore is a real crusader for … well … lefty things and mother earth. I think of him as an overfed hypocrite living in a private mansion on an exclusive lake shore property. Funny how well political leftists live.  There! I said it. Let the critics rage!

FBI Seal Black and White | Black and white sketches, Black and ...And percolating in the background is FBI investigative misdeeds by a cabal of political hacks inside the agency.  I will leave it to you, gentle reader, to determine just which political party this all favored.

Welcome | Affordable Tax Consultants, Inc.My facebook friends are still in lockdown, mostly. I am not officially on lockdown and I had to drive over to the tax-preparers office to sign my tax forms and pay her vigorish[2] yesterday. I have some masks left over from the SARs scare and I wore them to her office … but she didn’t wear a mask at all! Wonder if I should have called the Mayor and reported her.

Well enough of the snark and innuendo. in the end it doesn’t really matter. The sun rises, the sun sets, and life goes on whether we want to go on or not. I guess Mother Nature doen’t give a damn what I want.  No wonder I hate the [bleep]!

But this morning is a particularly beautiful sunrise of yellows and golds. Chores await the sipping of morning coffee. And one must attend to the whims of mother coffee.

Good morning!

[1] Michael Francis Moore (born April 23, 1954) is an American documentary filmmaker, author, and activist. His works frequently address the topics of globalization and capitalism.

[2] Vigorish (also known as juice, under-juice, the cut, the take, the margin, the house edge or simply the vig) is the fee charged by a bookmaker (or bookie) for accepting a gambler’s wager. In American English it can also refer to the interest owed a loanshark in consideration for credit.

One Man Cargo Cult

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102214_1546_TimeandSpac1.jpgTuesday dawned warm and breezy. I rose at the same time as Snookums this morning, so I padded down to the studio sans coffee and warmed up the PC. I normally hear her rise and turn over to sleep a little longer while she brews the coffee. But today I felt really good at daybreak and got up.

I just started a new diet. Well, it isn’t really a new diet so much as changing my eating habits. No more morning cookies with my coffee *sob!* or complete meals just before going to bed. Now it is 6 oz or less of beverage and half a sandwich (no chips or other sides) about an hour before bed, and the second half of a sandwich is consumed at breakfast along with the second cup of coffee.

I settled on sandwiches as opposed to other ‘healthy’ foods simply because they are quick, don’t make much of a mess, and can be eaten with my fingers.  With me, quantity is more destructive to my stomach than contents. I have a whole passel of gastric problems, probably more to do with my careless eating habits than anything. I am not a gourmet, and when hungry, I shoveled food in until I didn’t feel hungry. Fullness, not taste was my mantra. I admit that not having me dizzy spells in the morning nor uncomfortable nights in bed it will be worth the effort, but I can’t judge the results based upon one days data.

Not much on the news this morning. Biden vs. Tara.  Trump’s peccadillos worse than Biden’s.  China did it. People demand to go back to work despite the Democrats efforts to keep them home and safe.  It is for their own good, you know.

My online friends are going stir crazy and want to get on with their lives. Everyone seems to be inventing masks to wear that don’t protect you from the virus.  No one wants to come out and work on my mowers. Apparently, you can get the virus from not social distancing a riding mower.  Who knew?

Every morning Snookums finds a dead kitten on the porch, but when I go out to remove it, it is gone.  I think it is sick and mama is just bringing it out during the day and taking it back in later.

NASA — 10 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day with Us on March 14So the days go. Life is the UPS truck bringing necessities every day.  I have turned into a one-man cargo cult.  I do the underwear dance when the truck doesn’t show in the morning, and *viola!* … the next day, it shows up with more stuff.

Yesterday it was a years supply of Ibuprofen, Melatonin and soft licorice.  Today’s delivery is a mystery. I will open it later, just to drag out the excitement.

Hope things are better in your world.

Good morning!


From the ærie

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Well it is Shabbat morning. I can locate Snookums whereabouts by the soft clink of pans and dishes, groans from opening and closing cabinet hinges and other household noises.  It is feeding time on the pet ranch and I resist ignoring the morning noises and rolling over for another round of snoozing, so I push myself into sitting on the edge of the bed and let the wisps of sleep float away before reaching down to turn off the air filter. Then with a final push I rise and pad off for the morning obligations.


So here it is. Back to the old morning coffee posts, getting the swollen fingers to type out something coherent and sipping coffee between thoughts.

Not much on the news today. Biden’s wooden denial of anything to do with Tara Reade. Kim the dictator shows up in photo from N. Korea squelching another media ambiguation. And news of politicians politicking.  Reports of people rioting against the lock-downs.  Video clips of Mayors trying to tell the people that it is for their own good, and clips supporters backing the mayors.  Liberty takes a hard hit and may not survive it.

I cannot recall in my life a time where the press has failed us so miserably as it has concerning the pandemic. It has turned into an unreliable source of information as it pits one expert and their opinions against another expert and their opinions while calling the confusion ‘science’ that must be believed. We have politicized a pandemic and are reaping the consequences.

In the silver lining section of my post today. The sun rose over green fields. In my corner of the universe I live apart from pandemics and political hypocrisy. There is a happy parakeet next to my widow commenting on her perspective of the world. Mutts hear the soft crunch of graham crackers emanating from my studio and magically appear at my feet.

And myself in my ærie watch the world speed by ….

Good morning!

The rota rotas

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An update on all things:

1Well, here it is this morning, the coffee post. We will have no Great American novel composing here, and if that is to be the zenith of my writing career, I should lower my expectations and apply myself to perfecting the coffee post. I find that if I do not write every day, my writing ability really suffers.

The world continues in my little corner of paradise, the sun rises the sun sets, and I still await that little tap on the left shoulder from Thanatos when it is my time. I am in no big hurry for that event, but I think I do feel his chill breath over my left shoulder at times.

I have three riding mowers and two push mowers that are not working, but my strength has deteriorated to the point that I can no longer repair them. Finding a mechanic who is willing to come out here has really been a hassle. With the virus scare, people oddly are not answering their phones. I am awaiting two call backs.

I waited too long to trap the feral cats and have them neutered, so I think our family has grown a bit larger than intended. It is hard to tell since there is a large space under the house where the cats have nested. I must get that population explosion taken care of.

My brother and niece have returned to Pueblo. It is a two-day drive from here and they left Tuesday. But since no one has told me whether they have arrived or not I don’t know for sure. Strong hint. They arrived the day before the big national lock-down and stayed with us a few weeks while everybody in the world went into full panic.

Everyone took turns preparing meals and mowing the grasslands, and we enjoyed their stay. Surprising, since I am not the most scintillating host you have ever had.  I tend to need my naps and when dinner is finished, so am I.

Today is preparation day. Friday. So Snooks is about the house getting things ready for the Shabbat meal. The week went by unbelievably quickly and time seems to be getting away from me. I catch myself wishing things would slow down a little bit.

And so goes the rota of days. Good coffee in the morning. Sound, restful sleep in the evenings.

Good morning!


Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill.

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Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill.
~Shakespere – Romeo & Juliette


I cannot think of a time in the nearly eight decades of my life when I so thoroughly mistrusted the press and the legislators. With every pronouncement their words advanced their political ideology rather than aid the citizens in a time of crisis.

In seeking to frame their political beliefs rather than inform, they completely failed the test of leadership. But we elected them, and in that, we have miserably failed the test as well. They are no more than we deserve.

May God be merciful and not grant us our just desserts when he judges …