Some mornings are just good …

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040413_1736_Betweenthes1.jpgSo many things are going through my mind today as the noise of the flooring contractor interrupts my morning quiet. But that is OK … at last I will have a bathroom that fits me, and the red oak flooring is going to be much nicer than carpet that was there. Whose idea was it to but carpet in a bathroom? Geesh. Certainly not by anyone who has had to clean one.

So todays thoughts drift to this curious idea of freedom so many people have. I don’t know what it is that makes people think that health care, gun control, wimmens reproducible rights and student loans equate with freedom. We have bastardized the word, and I think it is too already too late for us. But I got mine. It will be up to some future generation to spill the blood of its youth throwing off the yoke of an all-encompassing “Daddy” …

An old friend has reappeared in my life. Odd that they come and go with Mz Muze. But we takes our inspiration where we gets it. Welcome back, C.

The day is a bright yellow and green Spring day, the rains fled, the rye and wildflowers are shooting up faster than I can keep them chopped down to civilized heights. A new character appears in the novel, another is killed off. A new birdbath sits disassembled in the driveway awaiting its installation. A tree branch awaits being cut into next winters firewood.

The coffee is great, but then, it always is. Some things need to stay at a high level of excellence!

Good morning!


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