Tuesday too’s

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A cool 68° dawn today, and a hazy sun lights up the landscape with a soft brilliance. Today is brunch day since Snookums goes to work. Actually, it isn’t a job, though. She volunteers at a local food bank as a checkout on Tuesday afternoons, so we brunch at Noon. We are not early starters anyway, and breakfast is at ten on most days, so a couple of more hours is not a major problem.

I admit that I am a lazy cook. I buy Bisquick™ to make many of my favorite recipes. Tomorrow, I’ll make Impossibly Easy Sausage Breakfast Pie, a Betty Crocker specialty. The main reason is that Bruin Hilda, the ever perky blond rehab “counselor” (read slave driver) chewed my butt out for not eating breakfast yesterday, and made me sit in front of all the smirking geezers on treadmills to eat three graham crackers before putting me on the torture implements. And I forgot to take my blood sugar … geesh! You’d think I had kicked a puppy or something. So … I’ll make this up ahead of time. It can also be cooked in muffin tins, and nuked for breakfast, and eaten on the way to sweating under Bruin Hilda’s loving lashes.

Not much else going today. I think this will be car cleaning day. My vehicles become tool trucks if I am not careful, because it is so much easier to toss tools into the back of the van or pickup than to schlepp them back to the house. And it has been awhile.

I am really getting the itch to write something. That is a good sign, but at the moment my soul is agitated. Don’t know why that should be, but I suspect that the reason will out itself at the proper time. Usually it is because I am either procrastinating or in disagreement with the spiritual goads.

My old nemesis, my waterloo, my stumper of all time, Akashiac, the manuscript in the bottom drawer of the desk, is yammering to get out. I have put it away as being too much of a heavy slog, but new themes have started arriving in my fevered brow. I must write. If I don’t, my life seems to unravel. Can’t have that!

So … as it stands, a pleasant good morning to you all!


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