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Today I got an update on a Bull Terrier puppy I transported some weeks ago. It was a short run that I combined with a longer run with a coon hound on its way to a sanctuary near San Antonio. Roy, if I remember the name the hound was given.

Home to Round Rock was a quick jaunt that morning, then back to Temple to pick up the hound, and off to a Wal-Mart parking lot just south of Austin, with a short stop in Round Rock where the receiver works to drop off the puppy.

Today the receiver sent me a picture of the puppy, now five weeks older and fourteen pounds heavier. ‘Jimmy’ is his new name, and his dad is an Englishman who has a business in the US. Jimmy apparently goes everywhere with him. The first pic is where I handed him off in Round Rock, the second was just sent to me by the same handler.

We don’t often advertise where dogs go and were we hand them off for legal and safety reasons. Sometimes it isn’t the best of situations. Still, the real heroes are the ‘pullers’ who tirelessly visit the kill shelters and adoption centers, and call for transports.

Today wasn’t a good day for me … I had to turn down two transports. One because I didn’t have sufficient notice, and one because the transport legs couldn’t be filled. If you have a decent auto and some time on your hands, you may consider this as a very rewarding hobby, and an opportunity to visit nearby towns and cities you may have cruised by, but never really seen. And you will meet some very fine people who put their hands to where their heart is.

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