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Morning arrives with charlie horses and severe caffeine deficiency. If I do not keep myself sufficiently hydrated, the cramps will wake me early in the morning.  There is only one way to ease the cramp, and that is to get up and walk around. The same with caffeine deficiency. Coffee is the cure.


So here I set this dog day morning. Aching calf and bleary eyed. I have not been writing much lately. I spend most of my time warring with Israel’s enemies. They are many. And lie they do. Really!


I halfheartedly read the journals and news feeds this morning. I have reduced myself to key word reading, scanning though the document looking for key words that will slow me down to read the passage. If a paragraph says “Hamas says”, I skip it. I already know what Hamas says.


So anyway. I think I’ll make sausage and eggs on a biscuit this morning. Quick and easy. And I have a half gallon of grapefruit sections chilled. Grapefruit is verboten for a number of reasons, diabetes heading the list, and its interaction with medicines. But one or two food sins a week are permitted, as long as I suffer remorse for the transgression.


Much is going on in the spiritual front. The dry spell is over, hallelujah! It has been a Trudge.

A rescue run was canceled today because they found a second ID chip in the dog. Seems that a second owner had lost him, and wanted him back. We don’t transport animals with a cloud hanging over them.

The ones needing transport to adopters are more than I can handle anyway. Still, you got to admire all the people who put their homes at risk by snatching dogs from certain death. They are a different breed of people.


So. Off to make a tray of biscuits and fry up some fixins …


Good morning!



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