“I never watch Fox News. That is why I can tell you what all is wrong with it!”

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“I never watch Fox News. That is why I can tell you what all is wrong with it!”


I have been cruising some my feel-more/ care-more-than-thee Liberal blogs and websites this morning. A few of them I actually maintain friendship with in spite of our sharply opposing views. The news is rather grim for their side this electoral season, but perhaps had they as much open mindedness as they pride themselves in, they should have seen this train wreck coming.

A very common theme is: “Ug! Fox News. Never watch it!” … but they sure do know what it is all about. How is that? I guess they have some opinion makers that feed them the ideas they need. Many on the right end up having to watch such left wing pundits like Chris “tingles” Matthews simply because liberal outlets outnumber conservative outlets five to one on TV, and far more in legacy media.

Looking like deer caught in the headlights, they just don’t understand why almost half the people in the US do not think their ideas are all that good. They crammed down the throats of people a healthcare ‘fix’ that wasn’t wanted or needed, nor did they feel it was necessary to do it without bringing the great unwashed aboard. They actually could have done it had they swallowed some of their hubris. The United States Government is not the sole repository of all things good.

A more modest plan financed and conducted by the States would have kept the Constitutionalists aboard their grand train.

A less ambitious plan could have legitimately left those who had good private insurance to keep their plans. And allowing for non-taxed medical savings accounts could have kept the professional class on board.

The left was done in by hubris and elitism, not bad ideas …

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