Laid back missive …

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Late Sunday morning finds me sated after a waffle and sausage breakfast. Sunday is my day to cheat on the diet. I don’t even take my blood sugar reading unless I am not feeling well. Still, I try to not be totally insane, and go light on the syrup. I am off of fruit juices entirely, unless you consider tomato juice a fruit juice.

It has warmed to 45° already, and the weatherman says it will get all the way up to 46°. Blast! I have a flat on the tractor, and my air-compressor quit. So I got a new one with a shiny red tank, and I haven’t been able to use it. Shiny new tools are an embarrassment, and I can hardly wait ’til it warms up to start wearing it out.

I took a short hiatus from the rescue/transport hobby. I sure do love the people who are on the front lines. One group spent a week trapping a frightened poodle from a freeway, and another group has spent days trying to capture a stray in an abandoned lot. They will get him too. They are a truly dedicated and tough breed. I’ll start gleaning the newsfeeds looking for opportunities to spirit dogs away to new owners and transporting rescues to safe havens next week.

I have started feeling much more alert and upbeat these last few weeks. I still fear the dreaded winter blues that seem to start around Thanksgiving and don’t end ’til February. I am hoping to skip them this year.

A new wave of fighting has broken out in many of my social sites. It seems to come and go in flushes. I am wondering if blogging encourages poor social skills, or if only people with poor social skills blog. Interesting question. Hopefully, I can sit on the sidelines and observe the dynamics rather than participating this year. But oh how I love a good fight!!

The news is .. well … trouble here, and trouble there, and trouble most everywhere. A writer today opined that this new distrust in government is because we are better informed than we were before. I think that may be true. J. Edgar Hoover’s snooping would have not fared well in todays climate, and JFK’s womanizing would have been censored. It is harder today for the ‘elites’ to hide behind privilege today.

But for the moment, the tummy is sated, the coffee pot has been emptied, and I lay back in very bad posture typing out this morning’s communiqué. Mavis Beacon, the typing tutor, would not approve. And I wouldn’t care. There is peace here if there isn’t anywhere else in the world.

A late good morning!



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