Sometimes what I do sucks …

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Sometimes what I do sucks …

This was the hardest transport I have ever done. The woman’s pants legs in the photo is the owner of the dog, and she just brought it to me from quite a distance away, and I was going to take him even further to another transporter who would take him further. The kids were in the car crying, mama was crying and the dog had no idea that he was just about to be separated from his pack. Economic conditions had made it nearly impossible for her to keep him.

After half an hour of goodbyes, I led him to the crate in my car, put him in, and started the leg to the next transporter, and eventually to his new owner somewhere in Illinois. We had hardly pulled away when the dog suddenly realized something was wrong and let out a plaintive “yip”. The handoff with the other transporter went well, and I drove home in the darkness, sobered by the unfairness of it all.

Yet, unlike this photo just taken of stray chocolate lab from a rescuer in Houston, the dog I transported was safe, and on his way to a new loving family. I don’t know what the Labs fate was at this point, but he is just sleeping in the picture. I hope they get him. So many endangered pets. So little time and resources.

One thought on “Sometimes what I do sucks …

    Lia said:
    December 6, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    It’s sad when a person has to give up a pet because of economic concerns. Not sure what is available where you are from, but some places have resources to help people feed and care for pets, if they fall on hard times. I hope his new home is a good one and he has an easy time adjusting. It’s good work you do Rusty, even if it does suck sometimes.


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