Tuesday Seven and a Half

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Tuesday-10-ImageDawn. Clamber out of my new hospital style bed. I still awake groggy and stupid, but it is a pain free groggy and stupid.  Good, I think. The bed is working.

Snooks rose before me, so coffee maker is sounding like an asthmatic, wheezing and gurgling. No coffee yet. So stagger down to studio, open blinds for stupid bird, flip on local channel to see if anything new happened overnight in Waco. Nope. Turned off TV, which pisses off the bird. Kippur needs noise like I need coffee, but I need silence.

What day is this. Lessee. Monday? Tuesday?  Must be Tuesday because Snookums went to the grocery store yesterday.  The week is getting away from me already.

The kitchen erupts in stomping, thumping and barking. Snooks must be getting ready to go outside with the dogs for a few minutes of throw the ball. But first she comes in with coffee for me, and birdseed for Kippur. Good. Rusty needs coffee.  Then off she goes with the dogs.  They all have to go thru the doors at the same time.  Each doorway is cause for a wrestling match, first dog though wins.


Waco PD is towing off the bikes from the parking lot. About 200 of them. Then the cars and pickups go later in the day.  Not everyone is in jail, dead or in the hospital.  Don’t know why they just can’t take their car there.  But then, it causes all them bikers more grief as they got to get their vehicle from the pound. I bet their will be hefty towing and storage fees. Towing is one aspect of city greed that pisses me off. Towing and impound doesn’t hurt the wealthy … just the poor working stiff …


Gotta call the AC man. It started limping last fall, but I decided to let it go the winter without repairs to stretch out the cash flow. I don’t have to dip into my reserves to pay for it that way. But hot weather will soon be here, and I suspect there will be a six or seven day lag right now. But first I’ll pressure wash the condenser and evaporator coils in preparation.  Damn. More work this week.



Got the plants potted … started training the tomato already, now today need to pick up and put away the gardening tools … ‘cept for the rake.  I discovered that the fireflies put their eggs on the fallen leaves from the previous year, so I quit raking the leaves. This year I got a bountiful crop of fireflies outside my window. Just love sitting out on the deck at night at the glooming, and watch them soar higher and higher in their love dance.


Well, I am not going to make ten, this morning … just too cotton headed.

Good morning!

One thought on “Tuesday Seven and a Half

    Tina said:
    May 19, 2015 at 7:07 pm

    Awww good evening for me now, I hope you had a wonderful day.


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