O Bury Me Out On The Lone Prairie

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Shabbat sort of snuck up on me today. There six periods of labor between Shabbats, but they have disappeared in my dotage.  Not that I miss them all that much, put it does speed up the passage of time. The day speed by in a frightening blur of anniversaries and holy days.

I do like my transition into a lark, however. I have been an owl most of my life, and chose careers that required night work.  Sitting here sipping my coffee and watching the sun burn off the condensation on the window panes is a special time for me. Even Kippur da budgie gives me a little peace at that time. I hope it dries out soon enough to do some communing on the porch.

Today is my cooking day. I am thinking of hash brown potatoes with onions, biscuits, eggs, sausage and grapefruit this morning. Lunch will be an every man for himself affair, and Snooks Shabbat matzah ball soup for dinner.

[Delete paragraph on how this generation will be the last peaceful one in the US]

[Delete rant on how we have abandoned boys, emasculated men, and how women are decrying the loss of ‘real’ men in a world they created]

[Delete a couple other thoughts … ]

But for the moment, there is coffee, a cloudy sun, warm weather, and green as far as the eye can see. Life is good out here in the once untamed Texas prairie.

Good morning!

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