Cooking a frog in August

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Friday.  Preparation day.  The smell of challah wafts through the house, and the slow cooker is hot and full of mystery.  Talk radio fills the silence, Kippur da Budgie has finished yet another moult and is fussing because I rearranged her cage.  I do that ever so often just to give her something to be cranky over.

I am on hiatus from blogging on WordPress® and Blogster,® but I get the itchy finger.  I so wish to do something other than sit at the PC all day.  Well, really I don’t, but I would like to accomplish more worthy things and not fritter my life away playing.

Cajon PassI always wanted to be a railroader, but that never quite worked out for me.  But with the miracle of modern day graphics and server sharing, I now belong to a rail sim.  It is not a game, but a sim. It runs in real time over real rail routes, and requires much of the same skills in starting massive tonnages and keeping them under control.  And there is a dispatcher raggin’ on your butt for over speeding and poor train handling skills.  One route is from Bakersfield, California to Barstow, California. It is an eight-hour run both in real-time and virtual time. So I have had to limit myself to one full run a week.

But it did get me out of the blogosphere for a time.  I like the social sites, but like real life, collectively they are a major ache in the tuchas and I need to get away from the infighting from time to time. Nothing is more inane than a blog war.  Not that I am all that innocent. I have been known to woof up a fight from time to time myself.

Shabbat begins at sundown, and I am working at not laboring during that 24 hours.  I don’t know what it is, but I can look at a chore all week long and ignore it, but tell me I can’t do that chore on one day out of the week, and it becomes the most important thing in my life on that day of rest.


And Sunday, I am running up to Waco, Texas to pick up Aggie, a two year old male heeler/border collie mix, and deliver her to another transporter in Round Rock, Texas.  Aggie is going to a K9 trainer in San Antonio from a rescue up north. Apparently, he has mild behavior problems when cornered, but his foster said she had no problems with aggression from him.

So that will get me out of two days of chores.  But sooner or later, I am going to have to rebuild the mower deck on one of the riding mowers and put up the awning over the front porch.

We are still without a congregation, and that troubles me a bit. I am not certain what I am going to do at this point.  I can only be true to the light that I am given.  Others may or may not be on the right path, but I am unable to sit in a congregation and be taught things that are completely at war with my understanding. So I keep my eyes and ears open. And I also have said enough on the topic.

3And the summer slips into its last month, and I am well into Autumn.  Life goes on. Evil continues in evil, and the righteous continue in righteousness. The spring rains have come and gone, the latter rains are yet to come. Mankind follows its new God of rationalism. Knowledge is considered as wisdom. The temperature rises one more degree in the proverbial kettle with the frog, and we happily bask in the warmth.


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