Dawn in Texas

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Dawn in Central Texas
Dawn in Central Texas

Dawn arrives with a humid 78° this preparation day. It is felt that the day should be devoted to preparing for the Shabbat, so that one does not labor on that day. The sages are all over the map on what constitutes ‘labor’, with the most rigid believing that writing is labor, therefore not allowed. I belong to the only religion that has figured out how to work at resting.

Snooks hasn’t risen yet, but soon the house will be redolent with baking challah bread, and whatever she decides to prepare for this and tomorrow evenings meal. In our family, we make heavy use of the crock pot for Shabbat. It bothers us not one whit that some poor soul has to shovel coal into the fiery maw of a power plant maw so that we can rest by not turning a switch on or off.

Yeah, it can get very weird, and serves as a reminder of why human logic is a seriously flawed process. Even my atheists friends don’t escape this sort of weird logic of humans, and fail to see it in the so-called scientific method. All it takes to be a fool is one poorly understood element when coming to a conclusion.  Seems like the enviro-scientists are the worst of the lot in believing that their science is settled. Even cosmologists don’t have the arrogance to make that claim, and it above all science really is fact driven, carefully denoting theory from fact.

But I don’t want to go into a full-blown rant with the eco-brownshirts today. This morning I just want to sip my coffee, put a few bits in my chronicles, put on my ugly shoes and water the plants, and sip some more coffee.

And how ‘bout them EPA polluters! In all their vast concerns with the environment, they release toxic sludge into the Colorado River. I hope the States do not listen to their mia culpa’s and sue the EPA out of business like the EPA carelessly does to business. It would be poetic justice.  But … I rant at eco-brownshirts.1

I am very pleased with my beginning container garden, though it hasn’t yielded the disease free environment plants that I had hoped. But there is always next year. Everything else goes into a billiard table flat expanse of ground cover that is mower friendly. Speaking of which, I need to repair one.

I am feeling good after my doctors visit yesterday. A1C came in at a bit under 6%, which while a tad high, but very low for me. And my loss of 20lbs is holding over the last six months.

And the day has moved into the second hour after sunrise, and I must be off.

Good morning!

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