My center, the geographical center, and the center of the universe

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2Another red sky morning here in the geographical center of Texas.  Sunrise was at seven according to the tic-tock, but now that I live by God’s time, sunrise is always at 6am, or the first hour as I call it.  The recent rains have greened up the bermudagrass; it is a comfortable 69° and mildly humid outside, according to Mistress Cortana, my new overseer from the illuminatus at Redmond.  She is beginning to rule more and more of my day as she relentlessly prowls my computer and internet activity.  Nevertheless, she is only interested in me having a good customer experience with my masters at Microsoft.  Or so she says.

The planters on the porch outside my window are plush with moisture, and my diseased potted tomato plant grows to the sky.  It set new tomatoes, and I sprayed them with a fungicide just to see if that would work.  I suspect however, that I will eventually dump the plant into the ever-growing burn pile for cremation when the fall rains arrive.

1It has been an intriguing experiment, living by solar time.  Mostly.  As the equation of time advances and retreats during the year, the tick tock has the sun rising earlier and later than 6 am.  I was getting up at 5:30 on the clock, but every day at 6:00 solar time. Now 6:00 solar time is almost 7:00.  Have I confused you enough now?

Anyway … my mornings seem to be a bit more serene, and I don’t feel like I am wasting my life as much. The sun is always at the same place when I drink my coffee now.  However, it drives the rest of the world crazy now that it worships the gods of standard time.  I do nothing outside the home for the first three hours of the day.  No daylight savings for me.  Every day is daylight savings …

Made another dog run yesterday.  The coordinator didn’t inform the man I was handing off to in time for him to schedule the trip, and so I ran my leg and his.  It was pleasant for the most part, but really, at this time of life, I really don’t enjoy more than about an hour of driving.  I have to learn to let other rise up to save the day.  They managed without me before I joined with them.  Still, I feel I reduce the world’s misery by an insignificant millimeter.

I am beyond skeptical of astrology, but sometimes I wonder if Mars is high in the sky with all the infighting going on between internet friends.  Perhaps it is just the argumentative types who get into the scrapping in the first place.  I am doing better at not jumping into the disagreements, but sometimes I will have three paragraphs of bile written before I remember that the new me is la-de-dah, and delete it.

Today is also preparation day, when we do all the daily chores that we can to make Shabbat a day where we don’t have many chores.  I can tell when I go to turn the coffee maker on each morning.  The slow cooker is sitting empty on the counter top, awaiting her filling it with the various goodies that go into the Shabbat meal.  Soon the pleasant aromas will fill the house while we await the arrival of the Queen of Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom!

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