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Friday I drove a short leg for three rescued dogs going to Canada to be adopted.  Among the three was Bruce, a mix of some unspecified parentage.  At the transfer point, Bruce was so terrified that he lost control of his bladder and bowels.
His was an especially important rescue for me.  He had a rescuer who abused him.
The only place he felt comfortable was inside the traveling kennel, so before I could take him to the next leg of the journey, I went and got a kennel that was left with me from a previous transport, and Bruce was carried crate and all to a new home in Canada.
I don’t often know the history or fate of my transports, and I am a little grateful for it. My heart couldn’t stand it.
Anyway, I got a message from the travel co-ordinator of this particular transport. Here it is.

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nnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnn

Just wanted to let you know that your wish for Bruce came true smile emoticon Not quite going to a fellow like you but going to a good home – he has adopter who will be picking him up across the border today.

Per rescue: Bruce is going to a wonderful lady who just lost her husband last year and is lost too.. They will be able to support one another and find happiness again


Rusty Armor

You don’t know how good that news is to me, nnnnnn! Thank you!!

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