Melly Clismas!

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1Christmas Eve dawns brightly this morning. What little commentary I can find on this day is fluff, hardly worth reading. It seems that most of the media do not observe the holiday, but that doesn’t stop them from commenting authoritively about it. Endlessly

Not all people in the world buy the illuminated Santa Clauses and decorate fir trees. Some actually do treat it as a special day. But you wouldn’t know that from the media accounts.

Oddly, the day pushes me into special observance too. In a few hours, most of the media will be taking a day off, and the news feeds will scramble for banal content so their pages aren’t blank. Friends on the social sites will go silent. The rumble of traffic on my overburdened country lane will cease. It will be just me and the hiss of the allergy filters in the background, and perhaps the occasional commentary from Kippur da Budgie.

It will be as good of time as any for a little introspection. Perhaps I will write for the next few days.

Good morning!

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