A Lament

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A Lament:

1The days flit by like slides in a projector, changing from slide to slide before I have had time to absorb the vision. Shabbat leads to Shabbat, and the coils of time have become a winding blur as I spiral down the corridor of the helix.

Praise music from some unknown Israeli group swells and ebbs from the PC. The mornings news feeds fail to interest me, and I stare idly out the window into the sweet potato vines that hide my front door from view.

I have piled up scripture in undigested heaps in my head. I am weary of words, and suspicious of dreams. The world goes on without me. I am a spent coal, a fragile glowing ash that will scatter into a million bits at the merest breath of adversity.

Truth beckons to me from across a wide and lonely gulf.

I have become an unenthusiastic spectator in my own play, the lines go over my head, and the dialogue waits not for the applause.  I am consoled, but not alone.

An ancient prophecy comes to mind. “He who slays with the sword is slain by the sword. He who is destined for captivity, into captivity he goes.”

I mutely await my fate.

Good morning.

One thought on “A Lament

    Katherine Ballensky said:
    August 1, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    The limbo is numbing ………


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