This is my caring face. No, really. I care. See me care?

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Look. I really am not a big booster of Trump, nor did I ever have very high expectations for the Republican Party. I voted against Hillary, and she didn’t win. In that, my expectations were abundantly met.

And I don’t give a rip about the ‘Freedom Caucus’. I knew that the Congressional Republicans couldn’t govern to begin with. They proved that during the Obama era. So, I am not surprised at the failure of the Republicans to do anything at all about ObamaCare, much less repeal it OR replace it. Quite frankly, the less that the Federal government does for us, the better off we are anyway. Democrat or Republican.

I am not anti-government. I simply feel that the wonderful presents that government bestows on its subjects should come from the State they reside in. I hate seeing the Feds in education, healthcare, welfare, retirement, birth-control, police, or disaster relief. If the liddle pipple neeeeed that much security, the should get it from their local government. That way, if the State gets too greedy, I can flee to a State more of my liking.

The Freedom Coalition is not going to get what they want. There aren’t enough of them. They are merely a minor if but vocal faction in the party today. Yeah, the Republicans need them. And yeah, they need the old guard too, if they wish to retain any relevancy in politics at all. But what we have today for a GOP is a gaggle of power sluts who don’t understand power nor its use. Endearing, in a bumbling yokel sort of way, but not the substance of political reality.

fake-smileSo they killed a bad bill. Big hairy deal. There will not be another day. The real power brokers in the Senate have already said so. The House just sang its swan song, and now needs to go back to sleep and dream of glory days that will never happen. If you do see a bill come out of the House now, you can bet your sweet arse that it will die in the Senate. Dead.

So here we are. A lot of chiefs in Congress, but the only Indian is a self-described one. Getting Gorsuch nominated may well be the only bright spot in the 114th Congress. Unless Ginsburg takes the long nap, that is. Then maybe there will be two shining stars on their epitah. I would love to see the Democrats go apoplectic if that happened, and they had already forced the Senate into the nuclear option. (Reid option for those who get squeamish with term nuclear)

So here I am, and there you are. Most of you will disagree. I care, of course. Here is a caring face for you.

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