Country Lanes and Virtuous Deeds

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Preparation day arrives comes around a101914_1729_Somedays1.jpggain with robin’s egg blue skies and a mild 70° morning.  I have my weekend groceries thanks to a new grocery delivery service that has started here and delivers out to rural areas.  Snookums hasn’t started her Shabbat preparations yet.  She has many morning chores, some we men and dogs observe, and some that are done out of our sight.  But they all add up to the peace and security of the morning.

I sure do love the grocery service, and they make it like the grocery store in making sure you are also presented with many impulse items.  They know me well.  I am a sucker for new and exotic things, if they don’t have to be prepared before consuming them.

I see the bermudagrass is sending up seed awns.  That means the nights have cooled off and the grass will go dormant.  Each year I keep thinking I’ll buy a sack of field rye and sow it so we have green all winter if we get the moisture.  But I usually forget, and the verges grow brown with the onset of winter.

It is a beautiful fall here, however.  The leaves haven’t turned yet, and the rolling hills behind the trees block out most of the traces of civilization, reminding me of scenes from the movie “Lord of the Rings”.  One neighbor has had cattle on his pastures all year.  He had stopped raising cattle during the long drought, but this winter we will likely see a lot of calves as he has been taking trailer loads of heifers off to the inseminators.  And I’ll stop my commentary on cattle with that little item.

We still aren’t attending services anywhere now, though we keep a membership in a local congregation.  I hope to change that this winter with regular attendance.  But as in all things, it seems my good intentions are one thing, and my virtuous deeds are another.

And the continuing struggle with the new air conditioner installation goes on.  I think we finally solved the cooling problem, then the breaker problem, but now the heating portion doesn’t work.  I think that one will be a simple fix, however.  I hate being on a first name basis with repairmen.

The new development down the road must be entering its final phase.  My country lane has returned to normal.  Gone are the gravel trucks, cement mixers and flatbed trucks.  But with the gentrification of the neighborhood comes the SUV’s and lawnmower haulers, so the original quiet during late mornings has vanished.  Gone are the days when I could step out on the porch in my underwear.  Ah!  Sweet progress!

So’s … that’s the morning as it unfolds.

Hoping your morning is as peaceful

Good morning!

One thought on “Country Lanes and Virtuous Deeds

    A Perfectmindstorm said:
    October 6, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    Another peaceful post and I am sure glad I saw it because it made me realize today is Friday. I thought it was Thursday 🙂


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