A purveyor of tripe …

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072814_1511_AntiSemitis1.jpgIt has warmed all the way up to 57°F in my little paradise. I may have to don shorts and turn on the air-conditioners again. But it doesn’t matter. I am not going anywhere this morning anyway. I masterfully brought down a Union Pacific train down off of Tehachapi Pass this morning, dropped off a cut of cars and six repaired engines in Bakersfield, and sent the train on its way to Fresno, all from the comfort of my studio.

So now that I have completed a major task for the day, I am free to chronicle. But chronicling is a cheesy substitute for writing fiction. Writing fiction is too much like real work, and I have concluded that I shan’t be completing my novel in this lifetime. I am a producer of tripe, a keen observer of humdrum. And truthfully, I like it that way at this stage of life.

But once upon a time I was exciting. No. Really! I was! I was a carnival flat joint barker and ride operator. A lumberjack. An oilfield roustabout. A truck driver. A bartender. A bartender in a brothel. A programmer. A harvester. A cook. A janitor. A night host. A drug counselor. A deacon. A painter. A carpenter. A sot.

But these days I just molder. If you look closely, you can see the mushrooms sprouting from me. And I write tripe. Once a day, every day, I write tripe. Around two-hundred or so words of tripe.

So, stopping here at 259 words of tripe, I wish you good morning!

4 thoughts on “A purveyor of tripe …

    Catherine said:
    October 18, 2018 at 11:29 am

    You forgot to mention that you were an actor. Happy Thursday! We are in for a cold spell. Weather is going to dip down into the low 70’s. LOL …:)

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    Lia Storm said:
    October 18, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    So in other words you are (or were) a man of many talents 🙂 So I couldn’t stop laughing about mushrooms sprouting from you, but then I had the most awful thought that I probably shouldn’t say, but I will anyway. I thought to myself mushrooms sprouting from you is much better than cheese growing in your groin…… Don’t ask where that came from, my mind goes to the oddest places 😨😱

    What kind of mushrooms are they by the way?? You know there is money to be made with mushrooms. Some of them are quite beneficial, even fight cancer. You should harvest them and get some cash to spend on something, maybe a real train lol. 😁

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      Rusty Armor responded:
      October 18, 2018 at 4:18 pm

      LOLI! I almost took the bait. You could get me in so much trouble! 😛
      Toe cheese is as far as I am going to take it.
      The fungus? Like in real life, you takes your chances with wild ‘shrooms. Some taste good, some you got to dig for, and some you probably shouldn’t eat …


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