T’shuvah. The Warrior Returns to the Fork Where His Master Awaits Him.

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The world has gone full tilt crazy.  The question now becomes how does one keep sane and safe in an insane world?  To be either a sheep or a wolf is two of the avenues that my religious colleagues have chosen, but either choice is fraught with peril.  And if you are a person of faith, wearing the beast’s uniform or putting your hand and mind to his will cannot shield you from the insanity either.  They will find you out.

Up to this point, I was a wolf, and studied the ways of arms and combat to protect my family.  It seemed more noble to me to die in a hail of gunfire than to be beaten to death by the mob.  But I am old and feeble now.  I can still shoot reasonably well, and still train my mind in threat management (i.e., take out the major threat first), but the truth is that when the enemy come to harass me, I am toast.  As the indignities of old age increase, I will become less and less of a threat.  The day will come when I take to my bed, and my warrior days will be over.  I will be a sheep.

I am reminded that my Master also became a sheep, and they did to him as they wished.  Why would I think that I am fiercer than He?  So, I ponder growing old.  I will not march off bravely to war with my comrades anymore.  I will not fiercely fight off Marxists from my front porch in the future.  I am just an old man who remembers a time when he was proud of his government and proud of his country, even when the opposition was in power.  Not so today.  The government has become the enemy, or in the words of Pogo, we have met the enemy, and he is us.

I see no cure on the horizon.  We are doomed to devolve from that bright and pure line the founders laid down for us.  There are no visionaries around today with the founder’s dream.  There are only detractors with slogans and demonstrations.  There are too many.  I cannot hold them back. 

And so I return to the words of my Master.  T’shuvah.  I must turn back to the beginning.   I must be safely hid within Him, and he must safely be hid within me, and he awaits me at the fork where I left him.

And this day I ponder that idea.

4 thoughts on “T’shuvah. The Warrior Returns to the Fork Where His Master Awaits Him.

    The Hinoeuma said:
    August 21, 2021 at 3:28 pm

    The sheep can always hide the plinker in the layers of wool. You don’t need to aim if they come in really close. Just a thought…

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    Dana Everhart said:
    August 22, 2021 at 3:43 am

    I have seen a sheep cornered…not a thing I want to deal with…

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