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Scolding, Texas style

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I don’t know why this picture came to mind tonight. It took awhile to find it again. To most Texans, it might be humorous, but not all that out of the ordinary.


Roaring Rota

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101914_1729_Somedays1.jpgI awoke with the heat running this morning, a sure sign down here that winter/fall is nigh. I like a cold bedroom, so I need a little help from the furnace when we arise in the ‘tween seasons. Electric heating is more expensive than cooling, and every year I threaten to put in a gas furnace, but I never do. I just flatline at the first electric bill in winter.

The trip to the dentist wasn’t all that bad, though my mouth is still sore from all the abuse.  Two cavities that need filling, and a deep seated something or the other needs to be scraped out next week, so the ordeal isn’t over yet.

Other than that, all is normal. Three feral cats let Snook know they wuz hongry this morning, and encouraged her to speed up her routine just a little. Mutt decided that my clothes needed airing out and took a shirt outside before I awoke, then had the cheek to look at me in the eye this morning as he started to drag my pants out the door to add to his collection. We put an end to that joy, however …

Motorcycle Vroom GIF by South Park

Neighbor decided that he wanted to ride his motorcycle in the crisp autumn air early this morning. I don’t mind the occasional Harley going *potato! *potato! *potato! as the motor warms up, but why in the hell do they have to make it go *VAROOOM! *VAROOOM! *VAROOM! every 15 seconds? A fast idle is better to warm cold air-cooled engines up, and is far less annoying to the snoozing neighbor. Oh well. When I was ill and the mower broke, he was over here mowing my yard, and refused to take money for it. Just grump a little and get up.

Missed the Democrat debates last night. Deliberately. But they apparently did a decent job of trashing each other, so it was all to the good. My money is still on a dark horse arising just before the convention. The party just can’t let this team of crippled ego’s run in 2020.

End of political commentary. Sorry.

The view out my window is stunning as I sip on that first cup. The leaves are green, and a slight haze of green peeks through the drought killed field grasses that sprang up after yesterday’s sprinkles. This is a hardy land, and it springs back to life with the latter rains.  Yeah.  A metaphor.

Image result for OreoSo the morning goes. Time to fill the cup again and try to sneak back to the studio with a couple of filched Oreos’, undetected. But it never works. Powerful are the ears and noses of my little pack, and I’ll probably have a room full of mutts watching me munch on the cookies and write. I don’t give them any of the cookies, though. I keep a jar of tiny Milk-Bone snacks computer side, and they each get one tiny bite after I am done. It is reward enough, apparently. I would feel it was hardly worth the effort, but then, I don’t think like a dog. Never miss an opportunity to eat something offered, no matter how little, is their raison d’être.

So goes this Wednesday morning.  May yours be a good one too!


Glowering don’t wanna’s

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Tuesday. Dentist day. And I have a bad case of the don’t wannas.

Cloudy and gray, 50/50 chance of rain, high 80’s.

Not much I care to follow up on the news. If I see Ukraine in the headline, I move on. I don’t care. No one is going to wear orange anyway. Politicians don’t wear orange. That is just for their subjects.

Day two of Sukkot. I didn’t build a booth this year. In fact, I have probably built my last Sukkah ever. If’n it don’t have a proper roof or running water, uh uh.

Don’t wanna write either. But here I am, armed with coffee, a noisy bird, emails read, news read, and nothing left to do until it’s time to prepare for the dentist.


So my morning unfolds with duties ahead filling the empty places in my mind with mild urgency. But I firmly resolve to not make any unnecessary efforts until that second cup is consumed along with a chocolate chip cookie. THEN I will turn my thinking to the worlds intrusions into the cottony softness of my mind. Not before.

Snooks is about her chores of feeding the livestock, starting with the feral cats, then the mutts, and finally the bird before taking time for herself. Not me. I pamper me first, THEN I might deign to tend to your needs. But don’t count on it.

Thus the day begins with glowering rain clouds, chirping budgies, roughhousing dogs and hissing air filters.

Good morning!

Wisdom calls from the gates …

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072814_1511_AntiSemitis1.jpgAnother late arising, this morning, but it doesn’t matter. No one is going to fire me for being late, nor even make a snide remark about my laziness. The mutts will still stare at me hungrily as I munch on a sugar cookie and sip coffee. The bird will still dare me to abuse it. The unblinking eye of the monitor will defy me to write upon it. And the ever-circling minute hand on the wall clock reminds me that my allotted time is running out.


Feeling a bit dismayed at Trumps short sighted decision to pull out of Syria. But he did warn us that he had no truck with being the world’s policeman. Sad for the Kurds. Very sad. And the last remaining door Erdogan’s ambition to be the new Caliph is opened. Perhaps the King of the North is revealed?

But happiness and joy are not found in newsfeeds, and I turn my thoughts to what is needful, and remember the words of Qohelet. The Preacher. The son of David.

So go and eat your food now and enjoy it. Drink your wine and be happy. It is all right with God if you do these things. Wear nice clothes and make yourself look good. Enjoy life with the wife you love. Enjoy every day of your short life. God has given you this short life on earth—and it is all you have. So enjoy the work you have to do in this life. Every time you find work to do, do it the best you can. In the grave there is no work. There is no thinking, no knowledge, and there is no wisdom. And we are all going to the place of death.  

In the end, it doesn’t matter what Trump does, or what Erdogan does, or what Putin does, nor even good ‘ol Joe Biden does. I sip my coffee, delight in the wife of my youth, torment the bird, treat the dogs, and I shall do that even if Satan himself sits on the throne of the land …

Good morning!
~Platidudinous Rex


Coffee and Kurds

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Monday. A very unremarkable day. But that is not a bad thing. Really.

Coffee, a big chocolate chip cookie, news feeds and social sites. The stuff of mornings.

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Kurdish Feminism


I am starting to wonder if the Kurds are kin to the Jews, they get betrayed so much by their ‘friends’. But we abandon them with hardly a thought or backward glance. They were useful when we fought in Iran, and useful when we fought in Syria.

I do admire them and wish the US still retained that same idealism and dedication that they have. But I fear that love of country and nationalism has become passè with the new generation. We never learn from history.

A couple of birthdays on facebook. Quick happy wishes to them. A comment on the blog. One new blog and a comment, and my morning chores on the ‘net are done.

The days roll by, more body parts start complaining. Snooks feeds her livestock and family. The sun continues to rise as the morning unfolds.

Good morning!

Morning Grump and Coffee

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101914_1729_Somedays1.jpgOnce again, a clean sheet of faux paper glares balefully back at me, knowing that my mind is still full of cobwebs and that I am not fully caffeinated yet.  I had a restless night of odd dreams and aching body parts until I finally arose in defeat and medicated myself into tranquility. I don’t like doing that because I miss the sunrise and sleep in late.

Image result for dogs watching me eatThe mutts and cats were fed, the coffee brewed, the bird sufficiently annoyed and the studio blinds were opened as I staggered into the studio with coffee cup and cookies. Of course, the mutts who had been busy barking at some feline activity half a mile down the road, still heard the faint clink as the cookie jar was opened, magically appeared and followed me into the room. Beggers!

The news was predictable. A Presidential tweet offended half the population. A new ‘whistle blower’ appears on the scene since the last one was obviously a dud. There is the Ukraine this, and the Ukraine that. A mother sells a baby for dope money. More human feces in the Golden state. Rocket man Kim rattles his saber. Democrats threaten impeachment, or at least look into the looking into it procedure. Leftist polls show the President losing, right polls show him winning. Someone proves the dead were voting in Colorado.

And the refrain from the Kingston Trio’s Merry Minuet plays in my head: ♫♪They’re rioting in Africa, and Texas need rain.♫♪ I would give you a video clip of it here, but I just have the cheapie WordPress account that kills the advertising, but doesn’t allow me to include videos. Personally, to me, that would be a blessing as a reader, but apparently a lot of you like them.

Snook is on the treadmill, so I get a few more minutes until I start the waffle making this Sunday. Not feeling all that inspired, so it will be plain waffles and turkey sausage. And today I send in the grocery list to the nice people who shop it and deliver it to my porch. I am so decadent.

So that about rounds it out for the day.

Good morning!


A Scapegoat and a Mystery

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I tend to believe that the rotation of biblical holy days is significant, and that the fall holy days are more significant than the spring holy days because they point to a time to come, and the order of that coming. Many disagree, but c’est la vie, I go on my merry way.
So, I ask: Why is Rosh HaShannah before Yom Kippur, and Yom Kippur before Sukkot, and why do they end with Shemini Atzeret?
One sage says this, another sage says that, yet another sage says the other. All this mystery! Could it be that a very few elect know, but the rest of us must wait for the revelation?
Oh well. Shabbat Shalom!