Lazy, hazy days of spring …

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Tuesday morning dawns bright and sunny, and quickly warms into the 70’s. Snookums rose earlier, made the brew, cleaned the parakeet’s cage, walked the dogs and set out on her morning hike around Shirley Loop before I even opened my eyes. Big surprise there. But anyway, I washed the lees of goo the allergies left in my eyes, poured my first cup of coffee for the morning, and padded down to the studio to peek into your world.

I am happy I got the tomato planters up. I made my own this year by boring a larger hole in the bottom of a resin hanging pot, and made plugs out of sphagnum moss to keep the plant from slipping out. Then I inserted the tomato up thru the hole and slid the sphagnum moss plug around it before filling it with my secret starter mix. Then in the top went exactly four petunas to keep the pot cool in summer. I have a drip line with a spray head attached for each planter, and during the brutal summers here, I will mist them four times a day … I am determined to grow tomatoes in the heat. The natives here just chuckle. Crazy damned yankees anyway ….

I got Shookums new edition of Adobe Photoshop® installed on her computer yesterday too. She bought it through, but the serial number didn’t work. I was fretting about buying a pirated version, and IM’d them, getting and offshore “tech”. That was four days ago, and finally they sent me a serial number that worked. We hates Adobe. Hates them, we does. Gollum!

Anyway, the morning is abuzz with the sounds of riding mowers, sod tractors, and the occasional concrete truck, and I must be about to fix the flat on the tractor, sharpen the blades on the mower, fill the birdbath, get the drip line running again …

Good morning!



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