Some 11,800 or so pots of coffee into a marriage …

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Monday morning dawns 64°, a sunshiny day with high clouds and a suffocating 88% humidity. But we don’t mind the humidity. It helps moderate the heat some. A number of birds are visiting the bird bath this morning. They like the new concrete one better than the plastic one it replaced, though it is the same size. The concrete seems to keep the water fresher than the plastic one did, and for some reason, they also seem more willing to share the rim with other species.

Jenna, our new white something that followed Snooks home one day runs into the room about every ten seconds to let me know that Snookums is taking waaaaay to long to get breakfast out, then dashes madly down the hall to the Master bath to let her know she needs to pick up the pace a little.

Kippur, the budgie, is crawling around his cage, fighting with the various toys and such. He occasionally sides up to me and tries to get me to put some music on. But it is such a gentle hush in the house this morning that I hate to disturb it. Only the whine of a computer fan intrudes into the softness.

Soon the HEPA filters will come on as the timers dictate. Already I can feel the itching in the eyes and the nasal drip building. I have become one of THEM … people with allergies. Each day it is a bout with allergy pills, netti-pots, cassock air filters and frequent trips back indoors for relief.

Still have a turf tire to repair this morning after breakfast. Need to run it into town and get a pro to seat it. Mowing looms large in my week.

But now, for this moment, it is me, you, coffee and the cottony softness of morning in rural Texas.

Good morning!



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