I got mine. So you can just …. Pffft!

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Wednesday. Wodens Day. יום
yom revi’i

Talk radio drones in the background, the cassock air filter hisses by my chair, as I take refuge from the pollen assault. The day is bright and sunny, but will grow gloomy later today as the rain clouds roll in.

It is a pensive day. I ended up yesterday debating with a Blogster® friend on some Conservative issues. Actually, the blog itself was mostly on election strategy, which is another hot-button issue with me. I really don’t enjoy the debate anymore, though. I think the factions have already drawn up the battle lines and cannot debate the issue any longer. Debate has deteriorated to one liners and accusations of personal attacks while delivering said same.

Each time, I swear that is my last political conversation with liberals. And though I have gotten better, ever so often I feel the urge to correct what I see as some glaring inconsistencies from the opposition. And just as often, out comes the old saws.

I conclude at the end of these debates that it really doesn’t matter. The left has won, and now we spiral slowly into another failed socialist Utopia where mediocrity reigns and all are reduced to the same level of misery. Except for a few well-placed individuals and some glitterati, of course.

Well … welcome to it … when this rooster comes home to roost, I will be eating Pablum and wearing nappies in some forgotten nursing home horror if I wasn’t fortunate enough to die first. I got mine, but you aren’t going to get yours because I used it up. Nya nya nya!

The coffee cup is empty. *sigh!* …

So, I guess it is time to get out and water some, and maybe clean up the storage area under the carport.

Good afternoon!


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