Background checks for motherhood. (a rant)

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I am getting weary of weeping liberals whining about the five-year-old killing his sister with an unsecured and loaded rifle. Yeah, it’s tragic that the sister will not live out her days, and the boy will grow up with that on his conscious.

But hardly a peep is said about the mother who let her five-year-old have an unsecured and loaded rifle in the first place.

Perhaps we should have background checks for mothers, to make sure they don’t have any moronic tendencies.

If it saves just one child ….

A tragedy that in our family was six year old girl who was killed by a rock carelessly flung from a slingshot. She would have been an aunt of mine. The family never discussed who the rock slinger was, but it most likely was my dad or one of his brothers. It was a tragedy of huge proportions, and the grief was left where it belonged.

There sure were no public outrages of public slingshots. Extreme? No. I don’t think so.


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