All in the name of Allah

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Thursday morning appears with slate gray skies, scattered rains and a humid 75°.

I was eager to sit out on the porch with my new tablet and type out a missive this morning, but the light rains put an end to that today. Not that I am complaining about the rain, mind you. We Texans don’t bitch about something as precious as rain. Most of us would be so elated with a good long weeks soaker.

I am a little late in penning this missive. It seemed to take a bit more coffee to thin the blood this morning, so I idly let the newsfeeds scroll by without comment. I am reminded of the Merry Minuet.

They’re rioting in Africa
They’re starving in Spain
There’s hurricanes in Florida and Texas needs rain

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School girls captured in the name of Allah. Captors cursed in the name of Allah.
Pelosi the hairy wants fairness in the Ben Ghazi hearings.
Senator Reid says some billionaires are evil (Koch Bros.) and some billionairs (Sheldon Adelson) are good.
Harvard students plan to hold a Black Mass. Cool. As long as it isn’t a Catholic Mass.

So goes the world outside my window. But I sit cocooned in my $49 Office Max Executive chair, coffee cup warming my fingers.





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