The nothing box

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Friday morning dawns dripping from the midnight rains. It has been a slow starter today for me. I was up much of the night with the tornado and violent storm alarms from the weather radio and cell phones. It actually didn’t seem all that stormy to me, but maybe because of the long drought, an actual rainfall is something worth over reporting. But all that is forgotten with the yellow sunlight dappling the lawn as it filters through the dark greenery of the acacia and pecans.

And joyful thumpings reverberate through the house as dogs excitedly and tennis balls hit the kitchen floor. Time for a bit of ball chasing outside, and of course, the reward afterwards. Kippur the budgie scolds me, wanting me to put some noise on. I scold her back, telling her I demand two cupful’s of quietness with the morning infusion.

Today is Bruin Hilda day again. I am happy to report that my doc is elated with my glucose levels, and a loss of twenty pounds of sedentary excess. And my hip sockets and knees are grateful that the exercise machines aren’t so excruciating.

Not much else is going on here at the homestead. Still awaiting that morning when I can sit out on the front stoop with the laptop and coffee. Of course, Friday being preparation day, Snookums will soon busy herself baking challah bread for Shabbat, I will go down for an hour or so to prepare the shul for the day of rest as will Shamash’s all over the world.

And the first cup is empty, the sun has climbed another 7½° in the sky, and I will luxuriate in my ‘nothin’ box for one more cup.

Good morning!


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