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“Does Job fear God for nothing? Have you not put a fence around him and his house and all that he has, on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land. But stretch out your hand now, and touch all that he has, and he will curse you to your face.”

When I focus on the nation and the world about me, I grow very discouraged. There is a relentless march to trade risk for tyranny. The cowards lead, demanding a king to set all things right for them, and call it seeking freedom. Gun control is only a very small part of this exorable march to live under a beneficent régime where all is set right by a simple fiat from the king.

The other day we were discussing the issue of gun bans. It is a charged issue, but most people do not see it as an issue of living free and being responsible for your own welfare. One moron even tried to make the case that since she has the ability to get pregnant, I should succumb to her womb. “It’s all about mah babieeeees” she wails. Then she had the chutzpah to get offended because I don’t give a rip about her babies, her womb, nor her safety. I didn’t hire on as her champion. Then she huffs “I am done talking about it!”

OK … tell me the conversation is over, and it is over. But this ignorant ass continued on with her bleating in other threads to other people, so this in a way is my rebut. I do not want to live in her ignorant, weak Utopia, where her safety is entirely dependent on a wise king and loyal law abiding citizens. I’ll take my chances at defending my own family. I don’t give a rip about her babies. Really.

But she is just a mere microcosm of a great evil that has befallen us. I don’t blame Obama for the morass, and Bush didn’t do it either. Weaklings did it. Weaklings who cannot exist without entrapping others into their cocoon of perceived safety and correct speech. All goodness come from government seems to be their creedo, yet when you look at the government, especially in the macro, you find that it does nothing well.

I find myself wishing I could sit out on the front porch after I heard her screaming for help, and calling 911 as any citizen is obligated to do. But damned if I would run over there with one of my {{{ shudder }}} guns to help her. We got a king for that, don’t you know.

So, now that I got this weak sister off my chest …

Bleedin’ diabetes is gaining on me again. Just put a call into the doc about the high readings for the last few days. I had to forgo one of the more useful drugs because of arteriosclerosis, but hopefully I can still medicate it down rather than going to insulin.

Not much else happening on the homestead. The grass grows, we take care of each other and try to stay out of sight of the kings revenooers. Snookums prepares for her day at the food bank. And I sigh because slaves cannot learn to live free …


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