Smarter’n smart ….

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I was making the rounds between some WordPress and Blogster pages today. There is really quite a war going on between the various factions. Conservatives call Liberals stupid. Atheists call Believers stupid. Peaceniks call warmonger stupid. Everybody is stupid but them.

“Ahm smarter’n you. You stoooopid. If’n you don’t think like me, youse gots to be stoooopid.”

~To the tune of I’ve been workin’ on the Railroad

Oh, I’m more smarter than you, babe

I’m more smarter than youuuuuu!

I’m more smarter than you babe!

I’m more smarter than youuuuuu!

        (repeat once)

Now that I’ve given you all this little earworm, maybe I can read a well thought out piece that doesn’t exalt the writers self-sense of intelligence at the expense of others.


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