Anti-Semitism and Birdbaths

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Monday begins with the soft heat of the summer morning. Birds put aside their natural wariness around other species of birds at the bird baths. Doves cannonball into the baths without any concern for the other birds, while more timid birds flit a few feet away from the rim, and return. Even the brassy mocking birds are too needful of a quick dip to run other birds off first.

Snookums is out mowing while Kipper and I watch the morning unfold. Ever so often Kippur will spot her as she roars by with the mower, and lets out a shriek. “I know her!!!”

A mildly busy week is ahead. Some more tree trimming, learning to update the congregational website, a thorough cleaning of the studio, sterilizing the car and pet carriers for another pet rescue, starting the old pickup before the battery goes flat, and taking a small drive in it to keep the seals and stuff pliable … pretty scary stuff. But we have a rule, here. Two cups of coffee first. THEN labor. So I stretch out the moment with smaller sips. With age comes perfection.

On the Israel side … a flood of commentaries, a drought on facts. Israel sets about its task with grim resolve. HAMAS blusters. Obama and Kerry sputter. The UN convenes. One of Iran’s leaders reveals his anti-Semitism as HAMAS gets the ugly end of Israel’s stick. But I was never fooled anyway. I always knew that Zionist was code for Jew hatred.

It is a nasty streak in me that rises when I hear some flannel mouth say it isn’t about Jews, but rather them “Zionist pigs”. I start persistently needling them to the point of anger, and they invariably end up cursing Jews. Once they are caught out, they can really let the venom fly, and I walk away whistling … It is a terrible witness to my faith, though. I wish I could just shrug it off as so many of my friends do.

I need to cut a couple more limbs away from the acacia tree and drag the trimmings to the burn pile today. And … mow. It is summer. I mow. That is the nature of things. But I wanted land when we retired down here. I didn’t want my neighbor’s bedroom window to overlook my porch. So, mowing goes with the territory.

But … I got a fresh cup. My second one of the morning. Snookums is doing a quick shower after mowing her part of the lawn and kennel/back yard. Soon breakfast …

Good morning!


One thought on “Anti-Semitism and Birdbaths

    sister2cats said:
    July 28, 2014 at 11:04 am

    Morning Rusty, slow start to a busy day here too. I have to catch up with my laundry, get My #2 Grandson’s stuff packed up before our trek to Meridian MS. (Half way between Houston and here. It has been an adventure that I just may be too old to appreciate anymore. I guess that is why the young have the kids instead of we elders. Clean the rugs as the owner and his bank appraiser will be here in the next couple of days. Get my bags packed so I don’t have to do it later in the week. Not to mention figure what I am making for dinner tonight. But am putting everything off for awhile until my Aleve starts working so I can move without pain. sigh. Have a good day Thinking of you.


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