Torpedo levels and over full bladders …

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A dewy Wednesday morning greets me at a comfortable 72°. Snookums had the coffee brewed, and my cup was prefilled. Talk about convenience! Down the hallway, thru Snooks sewing room, thru the connecting bathroom to my studio. See that Snook has already prepared Kippurs bath, which is good. The mist on the windows blocks her view outside.

I think that she is having an affair with a brown and white finch of some sort. The finch preens on the porch handrail outside while Kippur crawls around her cage bars closest to the window. A few time, the finch will land on the window, and they’ll raptly stare at each other for awhile. But I don’t promote juvenile romances, and Kippur remains chastely ensconced in her cage.

I can see the top of my computer desk peeking through some of the bare spots as I continue my cleaning of it. I am quiet messy. Snookums likens it more to a pigsty. I have things from two years back on it that need to be tossed, filed, sorted or acted upon. But you never know when you might need to lay your hands on a two year old clinic statement, an packing list, or a torpedo level. 

For you non technical types, here is a torpedo level. It is useful for keeping pictures and pancake griddles level when you don’t want to bring out the 4′ framing level.

Anyway. Times awastin’. Tempus fugits. The coffee is ready for a refill, and my bladder is bladdering.


Good morning!

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