Roughing up the smooth edges, or smoothing off the rough edges. Something like that, anway.

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My mutts felt that I slept in late enough this groggy morning. They have no sympathy for me. They get up several times a night and still manage to be up and at ‘before sunup. They are very intolerant of this low functioning dog as I fumble my way into the kitchen for my morning brew.

Snooks has been up for a while this morning, and was outside with the mutts while I slept. And a newly cleaned studio greets as I plop down in front of the Cyclops to chronicle my day. But a quick walk thru of my mind reveals much mush, and little substance. Shall I pass the morning memo today out of respect for my readers intelligence, or try to hammer something out in an effort to fool them once again with my sagacity?

OK. My respectful consideration of my readers loses. Onwards.


The world howls in outrage at the hostage … err … babies in the UNRWA school getting killed after a sniper fired a tank buster at a bunch of Israeli’s and missed. Lots of cryin’ for the babies, lots of outrage for Israel, not so much outrage at HAMAS who put them there.

Not a peep out of same said criers either for the three UNRWA schools that contained stored rockets for HAMAS. I am really sick of hearing all these ‘compassionate’ boo-hooers. It is war time. Ugly, ugly war time. Choose up sides and fight or remain safely behind the lines in a silent one-sided protest. You can cry later.


Lots of stuff about some jock who killed his girlfriend/exwife/wife … whatever. Pass by on this one. I really don’t want to hear more about badboy jocks.

Watched video of Israeli’s discovering a tunnel entrance in a mosque. Draw whatever conclusion you want. Also watched where tunnel stretching through built up area and on into Israel got blown up. Lots and lots of secondaries showing that heavy duty explosives were stored in the tunnels, and lots of houses and shops where the tunnel entrances were going up in bright funnels of flames.

I don’t hold the Gazan’s innocent. They voted for HAMAS because they promised to destroy Israel. Now that HAMAS is using them for shields and dead baby photo-ops does not move me. They picked a loser for a leader out of hatred for Jews, now they can live with it. They desired war, and they got it. In spades.

I am weary of hearing about the poor Gazans. You bleed for them. I shant.


I think now that the cleaning itch has run its course, it might be time to mow again. I don’t know why the place looks so good after a mowing, and looks like hell before it. One day, I set at my morning window, the grass is all at a nice even length for hundreds of feet in any direction, the next day it looks like an abandoned lot. Pah! Civilization!!

Took on some extra responsibility for the congregational website. Not a big one, since it only requires that I update it once a month. I have retired from my weekly cleaning of the building. I think I am going to miss that time most. It was a way to prepare myself spiritually. Now Snookums calls me to the Shabbat table sort of like she does for an ordinary meal. I’ll have to come up with something to remind me that it is a special day.*sip!*

Snooks just bid me bye as she is off for the annual put the boob in a vice observance. I am always a little apprehensive when that time rolls around. One time she went there for the exam, then got the dreaded callback from the doctors secretary to come in again. Yep. It was cancer. But blessings upon blessings, they felt that surgery would be sufficient. After many assurances that I didn’t marry her boobs, she had it one breast removed, and I got a few more years of use out of the gal.

Funny how things like that just come along. One day you are fine, the next day you are in a battle for your life. Man seems to be born for tsores (woes). Too much of an idyllic thing, and we need things roughed up a little.

Well, on to the day. Now that I have cheered you up, I hope your day goes well for you too!

Good morning!


One thought on “Roughing up the smooth edges, or smoothing off the rough edges. Something like that, anway.

    Lia said:
    July 31, 2014 at 11:48 am

    My dog is old so she gives me dirty looks when I get up in the morning and turn on the light. She wants to sleep late.

    People watch stupid biased news on tv and form an opinion rather than searching for the truth. And then there is the hate for the Jewish people that has gone on since way back when and will continue till who knows when.

    Yes, I am one of those peaceful people, but I also believe in Israel’s right to defend themselves. If someone was sending a barrage of missiles on this country, I would hope we would defend ourselves , so why is it a crime for them to fight back? Sometimes I don’t understand the mindset of people who can’t see the truth of this situation.

    Oh I better shut up here 🙂

    Oh, don’t ever skip the morning write, even if you think it is “mush” in your head, I always enjoy always learn from you.

    Have a nice afternoon dear one.

    Oh, I hope your lady’s test comes out well.


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