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I have friends in the animal rescue community who are real mavens at taking pictures of dogs.

But I am not sure they would have anymore luck that I do with captureing them in their cutest poses. They instinctively know how to move 1/8 of a second before the shutter clicks. I realised today that I didn’t have any photos to release in the even they went astray and thought it would be a good idea to get some pictures. The beagle is purebred, so probably just saying she was a beagle and was microchipped would be all that was necessary to put on a flyer and send to the shelters around here.

‘Becca is the beagle. I greet her with “Becca da beegal … ” as a fun way of calling her because she always associates that with friendly time. Not that she is real big on games. She is about the most serious and single minded dog I have ever owned, and once she gets something on her mind, her ears seem to shut off.

She has a strong drive to be the pack leader of the other dogs, and we have had to be very stern with her and her agression. She doesn’t realise that the other two dogs are very feral, and have been rescued after surviving in wild Texas areas.

‘Becca is the first dog I have ever paid for. I bought her a short time after a puppy Snookums really loved had to be put down because of serious neural injurys. Snook didn’t want a dog that resembled the one that passed, and beagle are small and cute as puppies, and that is the one she wanted. She is just about three now.

The white dog is Jenna. Odd name for a dog, but the neighbor boy who found her and talked Snookums into taking her since his gramma would not even let him bring her into her yard named her that. So we kept the name, and he still visits her from time to time when he gets off the school bus. We have no idea of Jennas lineage. She was a tiny white furball wehen we got her, but now she is a bit larger than most german shepards, has springy hair like a terrier, and the markings of a staffordshire terrier.

She is very eager to please, and has sort of become my dog by default. I really do need to work with her more than I do. She almost begs to learn.

The black one is Annie Annie. Or just Annie. We did the double Annie thing because we had a dog named Hannah, and it was hard for her to distinguish between Annie and Hannah. Annie followed Snookums home one day. She was starved to emiciation and I wasn’t sure she was going to survive. Apparently she kept going by eating night crawlers, and even today, she’ll bring one in from time to time that she finds in the back yard. We fed her puppy rich food and protein supplements to get her weight up. I think she has a lot of labradore retriever in her, but she isn’t double coated like a lab is.

So … there it is. Another blogger that is gaga over his dogs.

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