Sukkot, frazzled wimmen, and Ebola

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It is almost noon before I get a chance to sit down and write a few paragraphs this morning. The drizzling rains are still drizzling, and today the landscape actually has a few puddles, meaning that the waters have finally soaked deeply into the arid soil.

My tummy is still pleasantly burning a bit from the spicy breakfast sausage Snookums made up for me. Long rain spells bring out a desire for hot chocolate and classical music, but this sucky diabetes is running off the glucose scale this week, so black coffee will have to fill the gap. Still, it is a treat since I normally have just two cups in the morning.

Tonight is the 5th day of Sukkot. Various members of my congregation host a night each of the seven days and we travel to a new house each night. Tomorrow night is my night, and Snookums is happily working herself into a frazzle. Don’t know what it is about wimmen and special days that they will rise early, dust, clean, cook, buy, and then collapse each night in happy fatigue as they prepare for the event. Then everybody shows up, has a good few hours, and then the cleanup starts. Nevertheless, the dust will have hardly cleared before she starts thinking about how she will things next year to make it even better.

And I? Well, for starters, if Snookums is happy, I am happy. That is the natural order of things. So I practice saying the blessings, prepare to finish the sukkah decorations, and keep the grumbling to myself. Today I will try to find a time between the rain bands to install decorative lights in the sukkah to give the effect of starlight thru the open roof. Why? Because it is pretty, and will illuminate the sukkah, and it pleases Snookums.

However, since it is raining, we won’t serve meals in the sukkah. If the rain stops, we will do the blessings out by the sukkah, and retire to the house for the festivities. So … schlep extra tables from afar, buy some posies to make the place pretty, and try to find time to remember just why I am doing this. The reasons are many, but far too complicated to go into in this little morning blog.

Today’s news: Health worker gets Ebola, and right off the bat the ‘experts’ know why. I am nonplussed.

With that, good morning!

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