The Cycle of Life in Three Paragraphs

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Well, the Holy Days are almost done. Tonight we combine Shemini Atzeret and Simcha Torah that I have discussed in previous pieces. Then we return to the normal cycle of events. Day follows day, week follows week, the New Moon follows the New Moon, and years follow the years. Mystically, this is the first month of the year, 5,775 years since the founding of my religion, so the sages calculate. Yeah, I suspect that a few of my more scientifically inclined friends jaws will drop here. But for many of us, we find no discrepancy between scientific accounts and Biblical accounts. However, it is more than I care to go into here.

What does all this observing of the cycles of life portend? Quite frankly, we only opine. We don’t know with any degree of certainty. The cycles certainly appear to mirror specific prophetic events that are to occur at some future time. It is a bit like unraveling the Unified Field Theory. Many claim to have deep insights into both, but few actually do. Einstein felt that if you cannot explain something to a child, you really do not have a very good grasp of the subject. I agree.

Anyway. Talk radio plays in the background this sunny and breezy Autumn morning in the land where all is still green. Kippur the budgie happily sings along to his favorite advertising jingles. Snookums is in village “gathering her food from afar”. And I sit here, bemused with the moment where my mind touches both the mundane and the heaven, and lament over taking the last sip of the mornings coffee.

Good morning!

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