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Shabbat morning dawns a dark and cool 64° (20C), the acrid smell of the central heat firing up for the first time this fall assaults the nose. A barn cat is sitting on the porch watching Kippur eat his morning birdseed, safe inside his cage, and safe inside the house. Snookums brings the first offering of hot coffee this morning and its warmth helps drive away the sleep ache from my fingers.

The news today seems to be a mishmash of asinine actions. The Lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas, saw what she thought would “shame” the religious folk into her bathroom accommodation regulations by trying to subpoena sermons from several Houston pastors. It backfired on her, as it should have, but rather than just dropping the suit, she changed the subpoena from sermons to ‘other’ writings and such. It didn’t fly very well either. The US has had a long tradition of leaving the churches alone, and most Americans agree. I think I am going to enjoy watching her get out of this one.

And now we got a political hack for an Ebola Czar. Isn’t that the CDC’s job? And isn’t the CDC a cabinet agency? Doesn’t the Director sit in cabinet meetings? Stupid. Nay! STOOOOOPID!

Even here in my bucolic corner of paradise, in an easily overlooked town, Ebola has touched us. Two students and two adults were in very close proximity to the nurse on Frontier flight 1143. The CDC said their was no danger. Then the parents voluntarily quarantined the children and themselves. Then the CDC threatened to quarantine them 21 days. The CDC then told the schools there was no danger. Then the CDC decided that the schools needed disinfecting. So … three local schools closed mid-week, and will reopen Monday.

Soooo. I sit here in the morning gloom, watching the morning unfold. Soon I will have to rouse from my $49 Office Depot ‘Executive’ chair, and prepare for morning services. But now, it is just me, and thee, and a cup of coffee.

Good morning!

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