The Dial on God’s Clock

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The First Day, as the sages call it, or Sunday as the pagans call it, arrives overcast but almost warm at 60° (16°C). Snooks arose an hour before I did and already had Kippur the budgie’s bathtub put in the cage and fresh food in her cup. So she was already quite sassy when I staggered bleary eyed into the studio with my morning coffee. She likes some of the You Tube offerings on the social sites, and a few postings on facebook fired her joy of the new day to almost celestial heights.

I had a couple of emails to get out right away, so I still haven’t gotten to the News or the Blogs, though did manage to give facebook a quick scan. But that is ok … I’ll wait ’til the day warms to 70° (21°C) before attacking the yard work. I only have one large branch to fell on the pecan tree, and a few suckers to prune on the acacia. Then dump the pickup truck load of dried river cane from the Sukkah onto the burn pile and put the truck back into storage for winter.

Snooks is in the exercise room where the regular *thump**thump**thump*of her morning jaunt on the treadmill signifies that breakfast is about 40 minutes away. Snookums is a creature of habit, and you can set your watches by her daily routine. Coffee maker starts wheezing and gurgling at 6:30. Dogs are fed at 7:00. Play ball with the mutts until 8:00. Fill the birdbath and walk on the treadmill at 9:00. Brunch at 10:00. The world rotates around her routine. Heaven help the hapless soul who interferes with it. Men and dogs tremble at the thought.

So goes the days and the seasons. Everything happens at God’s appointed times, or moedim as they are called in Hebrew. Night follows day. Day follows night. The trash man comes on Wednesday. The postman comes at 11:00 AM, and UPS comes at 4:00 in the afternoon.

And I set in the studio watching it all parade by.

Good morning!


2 thoughts on “The Dial on God’s Clock

    Lia said:
    December 14, 2014 at 11:23 am

    I should get into some sort of routine like Snookums. The only routine I have is waking up in the morning
    Good afternoon dear one 🙂


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