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Most of you wouldn’t notice that I have a type of dyslexia that transposes letters and numbers because I am very careful not to let it slip. But once in awhile the blunders get by me, usually in the form of typos. At least I prefer to think of them as typos.

I really do know the difference between there, their and they’re, but they will slip by my fingers unnoticed, and generally hide themselves in the proofing as well. Twos toos and to’s get me too, and I know the rules for them as well. There are certain number combinations that I always transpose, such as writing 35 for 53, and a few other that sort of come and go.

Dyslexia comes and goes, and I seem to be in a particularly bad phase right now. I do better with longer pieces like this than I do with quick comments on facebook and newsfeeds. I go back and reread my comments later and just cringe.

My blog pieces are not immune either, and I have gone over three year old pieces and found basic mistakes that no one should make.

I don’t know why it is, but if I try to proof a piece as soon as it is written, I will not see the errors, but if I go back a day or two later, the errors seem to leap from the pages. Like most dyslexics, I didn’t do all that well in school, but always tested high on IQ tests, and general knowledge exams. Moreover, I could often bullschick my way through orals and essays. Nevertheless, college did it in as far as education. I managed two years in a small teachers college before throwing in the towel.

I tried again a decade later, and discovered that I am just not going to ever be a student. It was much later in life before I discovered precisely why I had so much trouble in school. However, I also discovered that I am in good company with people like Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and George Patton.

And if you are wondering why I bothered to write this little high school level biography, you are in good company too ….

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