Allah’s gimlet eyed gaze …

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Friday.  Preparation day.

Snooks had the coffee brewed when I arose, so I poured my cup and limped down to the studio, trying to not use my damaged toe, and settled into my $49 Executive chair to watch the sunrise and catch up on the fate of a mama dog and her weaned puppies that I drove to Waxahachie yesterday.

My bottom doesn’t fit a drivers seat like it used to, and I am pretty sore from the chest down to the knees.  Add to that an injured toe from roughhousing with Jenna, our once cute furry puppy that is today a huge white moose.  She’s a puppy that is almost as big as I am.

But it looks like a peaceful daybreak.  Kippur da budgie helps me greets me with clicks and chirps and squawks.  The cassock filter timer clicks on with a low hiss that masks the morning joy of the dogs as they romp around in morning play.

9 Eye seeFor some reason unexplained, I cannot bring myself to read beyond the headlines of the morning newsfeeds.  They scream in bold fonts about Nigerian Muslims killing hundreds of Muslims in Nigeria, all for the greatness of Allah, and Muslims shooting news reporters in Pakistan all for the greatness of Allah.  And Muslim sleeper cells throughout the world are plotting to kill infidels for the greatness of Allah.

I just hope Allah doesn’t set His restless gimlet eyed gaze in the direction of this insignificant part of the universe.  I don’t think I can deal with that much of his greatness nor his peace.

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