Coffee, Ponderings, and Some Personal Theology

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1Preparation day dawns overcast and 57°.  Later in the day, it will approach an ideal 72°. I am still trying to let the sun and not the clock govern my day, but it is still a bit disconcerting to have some man made device try to tell you that you are sleeping your life away. Daylight Savings Time does not save me one single hour of daylight, but the old meme persists.

It has been a good week, though a bit disappointing with the weather. Typically, by this time of the year we have had several gorgeous days to get the yard ready for spring. I have several rather ambitious plans, though most of them will not permit me to spend as much time at the keyboard as I do in winter. I am ready for a hiatus however.

The house smells good this morning. Snooks has prepared a savory stew that has started cooking in the slow cooker last night. Later in the day she will prepare the challah bread, and we will subsist on the stew through the Shabbat.

I did some research on “resting”. That God, of all things in the universe, would need a rest was a perplexing idea. But truthfully, the word in this instance isn’t rested from His labors, but rather ceased from His labors. The meaning is that everything was finished and put into motion.

This presents a lot of theological issues that I am not prepared to deal with in this little missive, but it has obsessed my thinking lately.

Anyway. This may be the last coffee and ponderings post until fall returns, though I’ll certainly post other offerings from time to time.

Good morning!

2 thoughts on “Coffee, Ponderings, and Some Personal Theology

    Lia Storm said:
    March 13, 2015 at 9:54 am

    Hmmph, but I love your coffee and pondering posts ! But I guess I will be happy with the “other offerings”

    So maybe that meaning of rest could be and answer to the age old question as to why things happen? God said, “ok, my work is done, now I am leaving it all up to you ridiculous humans to mess up ” Of course I have always believed we create our own problems and why should God step in to fix the messes we make. It’s kind of like my kids messing up as they grew up. I didn’t bail them out of their messes, I loved them through the messes and let them learn their lessons.

    So there, that is my take on things LOL


    Donna Woodall said:
    March 13, 2015 at 10:11 am

    There will come a time, as it always does, when DST does not anger and unnerve me. That hasn’t happened yet. Having to have the trash out by 6AM is a violation of my person! The clock lies. I must live the lie with it until next fall at some point that the great minds of the universe declare we should return to the truth of science and logic. I’m a sunrise sort of girl and having that come so late is a frustration to my day as well.
    If you accept (and I do) the cease from labor translation, it puts an interesting twist on 1. the command and 2 the work of Jesus. Reading it into Hebrews, as the Amplified Translation does, flies against much of my early training.


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