“Banality of banalities. All is banality …”

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I know I warned last week that the coffee posts would be few during the summer, but today wasn’t as warm as I had hoped. So a little time for musing.

The first day of the week dawns a bit warmer, but still a bit too chilly for morning stoop sitting. But second best is my studio with a large window that looks out on the stoops, and of course, the coffee cup resting near my right hand.

In my religious tradition, the day is simply called the first day. A day when God brooded. A day when God separated the darkness from the light. Maybe it was the Big Bang. Who knows? There was no sun yet, no earth, no sunrise, no sunset. So one wonders how it could be called a day. Ah, sweet mysteries!

Kipper is demanding attention today. It is her bath day, and Snooks cleaned her cage and put the bath in. She gets one a week in winter, and two a week in summer. They really seem to cheer her up.

Linda is preparing for company in a few weeks. She seldom puts off ‘til tomorrow that which she had already done yesterday. She has dusted, vacuumed, shampooed and changed the linen in the guest room, shampooed the carpets, and at the moment is entertaining the dogs by picking up their lees in the yard.

She is in charge of packing and shipping, and the dogs are in charge of production. Sometimes the inventory of lees gets ahead of packing and shipping, and she ceases from her other household chores and gets the inventory taken care of.

The dogs seem to think this is quite amusing, and usually when she gets the last of the lees bagged and put into the bin, they leave a fresh deposit.

OK … on from the grossness of living with pets.

So today is my cooking day and I have no menus planned. There is frozen waffles from last weeks breakfast of sausage and pecan waffles. I have some turkey sausage patties made up, so maybe we’ll get that again today. Soup and a sandwich for a late lunch/early dinner, and there is plenty of snacks for the day.

And the sun has climbed another 7°, and I must be about my day.

Good morning.

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