Ophidiophobe – a hater of snakes

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Shabbat dawns a cool and wet 54° as the winter/spring rains continue to fill the drought stricken reservoirs. Even with several weeks of slow rains, our reservioirs are only 67% full of the reserve level. But we don’t sneer at any kind of rain down here, and we fervently hope that this kind of weather persists well into summer.

We are attending a new congregation now, although it is about a ¾-hour drive from here. It isn’t so onerous however. They meet at 3:00 pm in the afternoon on Saturdays. At first we felt that was a bit late, but now that we have had a chance to visit several times, we have grown to like that time. It allows the morning to unfold naturally instead of the morning rush rush rush to arrive at the synagogue in time for services. Services end at five, and we stop for dinner on the way home. All very nice.

So what’s for breakfast? My blood sugar has been high for a few days, so I thought of a low-carb breakfast. However, it is Shabbat and I do allow myself to have a less stringent diet. So maybe a pecan waffle and some spicy turkey sausage. I buy a local brand that is actually quite good, though probably not as good as the pork variety. Nevertheless, I have been pork free for several decades now, and only get cravings for real ham and bacon a few times a year now instead of constantly.

Oysters were another love of mine, but finally one year after a preparing a magnificent oyster bisque, I broke out in hives from head to toe. I have never had allergies before, and it was really a shocker for me. So finally, I quit eating traif, or non-kosher foods. Not that I am very observant. Most orthodox would sneer in disgust at the level of my observance. Nonetheless, it fits my lifestyle and philosophy, so fie on them!

I am really getting the itch to garden this year, and have some ambitious plans for a small front garden. I am an Ophidiophobe – a hater of snakes, and try my best to not provide them with a comfortable spot to curl up in. Ergo, no dug in plants. Everything but the lawn must go into tall containers. I keep the lawn cropped short and I don’t kill the fire-ants beyond 20’ from the foundations.

Other than that, I am not going to be deterred this summer. First project will be a canvass gazebo for rest between chores. Then some plantings around a recently cut back acacia tree. In addition, I’ll plant new sod plugs of St. Augustine grass in the garden. It is a small area so the thirsty St. Augustine won’t break the budget.

Well, the first cup is history. It is time to prepare breakfast and have that second cup while I labor.

Good morning!

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