The end of all things …

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Well, after the buildup, the letdown.

blogster 1The colon tour went well, a couple or three spots of diverticulosis, whatever that is. I think it is pockets where poo collect and get ripe.  Joy.

I was a good boy, however, at my wittiest and most charming, and the nurse told me the anesthesiologist gave me the good stuff. Rule number one: Thou shalt not hork off the anesthesiologist. And the nurse found the vein the first stick. ‘Tis a charmed life I lead.

We stopped by McDucks and devastated a whole week of healthy living on the way home, only to find that the water main broke.  I didn’t get the “boil water” notice, so it was after a nap that I flushed the toilet.

Ye Gads! The water looked like a full load of diarrhea. I didn’t even remember going, but the did say because of the joy juice, I would not remember much.  So another flush, and more heavy brown water flowed into the bowl. I opened the lid of the tank, and it was full of brown water too.  I actually was relieved that it wasn’t me, and called the water co-op and talked to Glenda.  A real Texas lady, who told me everything that was happening.

So … still brown water … I am hoping that the subdivision down the road starts flushing their toilets when they get home and gets all the brown water flushed out.  I got filters to get the brown out, and iodine tabs as well as pots to boil the water, so I am in good shape if it doesn’t clear out.

Tomorrow I will reward myself with a new power tool … life is good!

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One thought on “The end of all things …

    aladywrites4u said:
    April 23, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    Yippeeee, you survived.


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