… and the coffee was good.

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102214_1546_TimeandSpac1.jpgPreparation day dawns wet, dark and overcast as the latest storm front rolls over us.  It just feels good to rise with the sun, even if the sun can’t be seen.  Well, ok. For you scientific buzz killers, the sun doesn’t actually rise. It appears.

So’s … a quick diversion to whips Friday Five exercise, a few sips of morning coffee, and my mornings return to the mundane again.  I forget the negatives and count the blessings.  Usually.

New planting pots have arrived.  I purchassed ten 3 – gallon pots for the walkway, and some planters that fit over the top rail of the porch.  I’ll visit the flower shops over the next few weeks and load up on posies and such.

So on the agenda this rainy day. Fill the gas tank, go to town and get my new saw and maybe some plants, read a few scriptural passages in preparation for Shabbat.

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