After the storm, there is coffee …

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blog1Sunday, the first day, dawns sunny and dewy. The big rains have moved off to the East, leaving a lot of Texas real estate under water. It was a tragedy for so many, and a boon for so many. The rains fell on the just and the unjust, so did the floods. So many lost everything and have to start over again.


I feel a bit guilty that I escaped the misery, sitting high and dry on the escarpment at the junction of Salado Creek, the Leon River and the Lampasas River where they merge into the headwaters of the Little River. The little Rivers then flows into the Brazos River, which eventually flows out to the ocean, carrying all the floodwaters with it. There is a parallel of life in all that, but I am too groggy to wander down that avenue.


My yard is lush with the moisture, and long dormant grasses are pushing out runners over the bare spots and the trees are pushing up suckers.  Much, much work this week and I am not sure where to begin.


Many volunteer organizations stepped up to the plate this year to mitigate the disaster. Animal lovers showed up at the flood threatened kennels of one of Austin’s shelters, each ‘adopting’ a pet for the duration. I hear that happened at several shelters. Disasters have a way of being especially hard on domestic pets, and many of the animal lovers worked tirelessly rescuing abandoned and lost pets.


I think the muse is ready to start writing again. I have begun to receive suggestions and hints at several writing projects, and when I sit down to write, the words flow. I don’t know whether to pick up an old project, or start a new one.


But while that is all swirling around in my head, there is coffee. A warm mug helps banish sleep-swollen fingers, and gives me a moment to compose as I draw from its rich dark contents. This will be a two cup meditation morning.

Good morning!

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