I sits me down

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blogSo I sits meself down to write a simple little coffee is good post. It has been awhile, mostly because I have been residing in my nothing box the last few weeks. Down my once quiet little lane, a housing development is drawing endless dump trucks, cement mixers and other construction vehicles. The city folk I fled have followed me. They striped the pavement. Little yellow signs now tell you where the bumps, curves and children are playing. A green sign tells people the name of the street I live on.

I can no longer wander out the back door with my coffee cup until I put some pants on, and now I must put up some visual barriers so that I can enjoy sitting out on the front porch.  Nevertheless, there still is a pasture across the road, and trees to block the view as teens rumble by with their oh so cool subwoofers rattling the window panes.  I take a little schadenfreude in their misery of having to go to work each day, and having to eat peanut butter for breakfast because they blew all their paycheck on cool.

But the dawn today was still gorgeous in spite of all the post millennials encroachments.  Birds of various varieties flock to the two birdbaths for a furtive sip and dip. The front porch is hidden behind sweet potato vines and citronellas.  And Snooks coffee is at its usual perfection. So what if I can’t go outdoors in my skivvies or pee off the porch? No one promised me a perfect life.

Good morning!

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