Bill Grogans Goat

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1Bill Grogan’s Goat was my earworm on rising this morning. How that happened is a mystery. I am not a big fan of barbershop quartets. I suspect most of you may have missed that era too. It is a throwback to the good old days when barbershops where the hub of manhood.  I was born a few years after their slide into obscurity (thank God!).  But barbershops were still the hub of town activity when I was a boy.

It is a glorious morning here, the fields are green, the temperatures are mild, and other than two chigger bites behind each knee, I am well and good. One thing I do miss about city living and Colorado is the absence of chiggers.

It has been a crappy week on the social sites this week. Two individuals wanted to pick my friends for me, and when I would not comply, they unfriended me. I think I will go into cyber sorrow and weep some cyber tears.

I have never wanted to visit any of my cyber friends. I think they would disappoint me, and I would disappoint them. I am much more effusive and caring in script than I am in voice. I do not even like calling them. The few I do have numbers for, I text rather than call. I am a conversational dunce.

I have only met one cyber friend, and while it was not a disaster or anything, I left wondering why I wasted my precious time driving to a coffee shop and making small talk for an hour. Another one I came close to meeting, but something always seemed to get in the way of the meeting. I think it was a good thing, because it was one helluva train wreck when the cyber relationship ended. I cannot imagine what it would have been like in real life.

I am a bit sore this morning. I am reasonably strong as long as I am erect, but when I get down on my knees to work, it just kills me. I pressure washed the tractor and push mowers yesterday, changed the cutting blade on one, pressure washed the sidewalk and birdbaths since I had the washer out anyway, and now I am eating Ibuprophen like it is candy.

So unfolds the day. A request to haul two mastiffs from Waco to Austin this Friday is now being scheduled. I am sure to get this one because of their size. I am waiting for the final schedule to emerge from the chaos. The coffee cup is empty and I need to go refill it. And the tomato plant and citronellas on the stoop need water.

Good morning!

One thought on “Bill Grogans Goat

    Lia Storm said:
    June 11, 2015 at 9:48 am

    There is nothing I hate worse online than those who try to tell others who they can and can’t be friends with. The way I feel, it is better they just move on in that case because it shows a lot about their character when they try to control others. That’s not the kind of friend I would want in real life, so why put up with it online ? I have met a couple of my online friends. One from years ago who is still a great friend and we talk often. She lives in Virginia and I have gone to visit her three times. The other one ……well, it’s kind of bittersweet how it all turned out.

    Have a great day Rusty 🙂


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