Tropical Storm Bill

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101914_1729_Somedays1.jpgWednesday arrives gloomy, wet and windy. My favorite weather if I can enjoy it indoors. Water off the eaves beats an irregular tattoo on my front porch, and Jenna the big white moose of a mutt helps me type this morning. She was such a cute little puppy … who knew I was going to get a saddle dog then?

It is a classical music day, but since I beat Snook out of bed this morning, I’ll have to wait until she rises before putting it on.

As the day lightens, it reveals a long dormant green succulence. Texas plants are very hardy, and even after a severe drought, can spring to life seemingly in an instant after the rain bands pass over on their way north.

It is a bit breezy and the pecan and acacia trees outside my studio window are heaving billows of greenery. Tropical storm Bill and a couple of numbered tropical disturbances are all working to make us the soggiest State in the US. Nevertheless, I am not ready to complain yet, though there are a few spots running from Houston to Dallas who have certainly had enough.

I am not ready for the news or heavy reading yet. I am just sitting here in the gloom, sipping coffee, and going through the posts of friends. I don’t have many enemies left online. The few I do have are squelched. And that works for me. Some days I just want fluff mixed with a modicum of personal pain. I’ll save the hard hitting stuff for the newsfeeds.

Well, it is mostly blather from me today. The soft fogginess of sleep still lingers even though the coffee gently pushes against it. Oddly, it is a pleasant sensation, and maybe I’ll savor it for a little bit.

Good morning!

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