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1A sunny but humid morning greeted me today as my bladder made my nice soft bed such a living hell of discomfort. I hate getting up before Snookums, because the first one up staggers bleary eyed into the kitchen to flip on Mr. Coffee.  Snooks always makes the pot up the night before because she wants her coffee brewed just how she likes it. Mere mortals such as I can’t seem to measure properly. It needs an experts touch.

Near as I can figure, she has made 12,640 pots of morning coffee in our marriage. We have worn out two commercial makers, and untold numbers of the little cheap home style makers.  She has made many more pots, but I am just counting the eye opening pot in the morning.

At one time we drank copious amounts of coffee … four or five pots a day. But we have settled down to one pot for the most part, with maybe one more on a cold rainy day.

Flipped thru the newsfeed headlines today. Nothing particularly caught my eye. Lots of humma humma humma about the Confederate Battle Flag.  I never cared much one way or the other about it, before.  My southern friends had them and flew them at picnics and rallies.  They were kinda like the Lone Star of Texas that people here affix to their houses and gates. Interesting local customs, but quickly dismissed when the barbeque is served.

But with all the mewling of the PC crowd over the flag, I have had to read up on its history. The leftists loons are just as full of bullpucky in their description of the Battle Flag as UFO people talking about aliens stealing their ovaries.  One poster who usually gets his skewed facts at least straight, told me how the white on the Battle Flag was a symbol of the white race. Yeesh. Maybe it was simply because white fabric in the 1800’s was less expensive than dyed fabric. Flags weren’t cheap.

Some southern Generals needed a battle flag that didn’t look so much like the stars and stripes.  In the chaos of a battlefield, it was easy to get lost and not know were the lines were. So they made up a flag that was easy to identify.  Not all southern armies used that particular flag, however.

So now I am thinking of flying the flag just to piss off the flippin’ easily offended control nannies. Gawd am I am so tired of their weeping.

Not sure what project I’ll start today. I have so many that need attention. So maybe I’ll just refill my cup and meditate on the job jar this morning, along with the gray the South wore to battle. Was it because of a muddled sense of their role in the Union, or merely because gray wool best illustrateded their homophobic tendencies? Deep, deep mysteries here … it is probably more suited for some academic deep thinker than a retired geezer, anyway.

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