Morning death and destruction on the macro and micro scale

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1 yellow-garden-spider-argiope-aurantia--38064Shabbat dawns to the melodious tones of a beagle baying at a cat free ranging outside the fence. It is dewy and humid outside, exposing the myriad of spider webs that surround my porch.  It seems that every year, a new species of spider takes up residence there. This year it is black and yellow garden spiders.

It is a bit macabre watching them. They have strong webs that snare large beetles, and finer spirals that trap mosquitos. They quickly spin a cocoon around the body of hapless beetle leaving the legs outside the cocoon moving in a dance of death. Then, one by one, the spider wraps the legs and the beetle ceases struggling. I am not a big fan of beetles, and I resist the temptation to free him. I don’t believe that beetles have much of a sense of gratitude anyway.

Kipper da budgie helps me awaken the day with soft chirps and burbles. There is a narrow dew free area on the windows around the stiles, and she must bob and weave around her cage to see the world outside.  Often, a sparrow will lite on the handrail outside, and she will scold it until it leaves. But she is a bit silent with the larger cardinals and mockingbirds, saving the sassing until they fly off.

Made a quick pass through the news feeds. A very quick one. Nothing happened overnight that holds much interest for me. A Muslim horror here, a Muslim horror there. The religion of peace is bathing in blood throughout the Middle East, Africa and Mediterranean.

But I sit here quietly in the semi wildlands of Texas with my coffee, listening to Snooks gentle clatter in the kitchen as she feeds the pets, and listening to the birds calling outside.

Good Morning!

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